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Sunday, March 12, 2006

New Tenant and "Blog" Snobs

Believe it or not, in New York City people actually have names. Yes, full blown parent given names that people call us by contrary to the popular belief that everyone is a "G" (pronounced GEE which usually is short for "Gangster") or "T" (pronounced TEE which is usually short for "Tough guy"). Of course I did have a partner who I called "D" (pronounced DEE) simply because he was from Guyana and I would do nothing but mispronounce his name. After a year of that I pretty much settled on calling him Freakzilla... for reasons that will remain undisclosed.

Now that I set the NYC record on names straight, allow me to shine a spotlight on the city of Baltimore, Maryland. That is where my renter for this week, called "B" (I believe it is pronounced BEE) comes from. Her blog ALLNIGHT.ORG is one of the many regulars over in BE, and usually trounces all over me in BOTB. Why? Well she is very witty, has some good stories (including some spooky ones), and interesting opinions. Personally, I think the real reason is she has her dog Wolf as the graphic header... and for some reason the German Shepard in me just can't bring down that Alaskan mix of hers. So... do the solid... click over to B and tell her I said "Waaaaaaaassssssssuuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppp!"

For all of you who bid, but who's bids expired, I apologize. I got caught up Friday night in an all night poker game with the boys from the Pack in the shop. 22 hours later I walked away up a solid "G" (pronounced GEE but meaning "Grand" as in $1,000) and proceeded to fall into unconsciousness. When I looked at the bidders there was only two left who hadn't expired... ALLNIGHT.ORG and Plaid Toaster. Since "B" and Wolf were very familiar to me... well of course I'm renting to those I know to provide good quality blogging... but as it turns out Plaid Toaster is from Melanie who did the redesign of my friend Monique's blog... and is currently renting from her. So here's what you can do in addition to visiting ALLNIGHT.ORG:
  • A) Go visit Plaid Toaster and give her my regards
  • B) Go visit Monique... check out what's going on in her dating life... and then click on her tenant box to visit Plaid Toaster
So come on... do the right thing... visit a tenant... and show them some love! Sorry to those who bid and got expired upon...
On another note... it seems Kentucky Girl made a post and then had her hands full of some of us Blogspotters who took offense. Now... I won't defend or attack anyone who has a black background and white text purely from a personal choice basis *COUGH* *COUGH*... but for someone to actually think "Fuckity fuck" is intellectual property that was "stolen"... well that is just stupid. In fact... my grandfather was FAMOUS for saying that. For example:

NYC: Hey Granpa where's Grandma
Grandpa: She's a fuckity fuck fucking up the laundry again with the fuckity fuck fucked up starch
NYC: Well did you tell her you don't want your clothes starched?
Grandpa: She fuckity fuck fucking won't listen
NYC: Well... is her hearing aid in with a working battery?
Grandpa: Of for the fuckity fuck love of the fucking lord Joshua Herman fucking Christus boy do you expect me to fucking do every fuckity thing?

Sadly that is an actual conversation we had a few (EDIT: few... mmmm... more like a dozen... wow... I'm old...) years ago. I once asked my father why my grandfather spoke differently than the rest of the family... and my father said that he was raised as an orphan of the Confederated States of America. In other words... he was from the south and although raised as a southern gentleman, had been corrupted by the frontier in New Mexico. Right... to hell with that... he was just a crazy old coot.

Here's the bottom line. Even if you use Blogger, and are on Blogspot, that doesn't mean that the standard templates are going to appeal to people. The whole "I blog for me and not for you" attitude is great... I'm the same way... but I know that I can do better than the standards template... and even those need some editing. Get the EDIT-ME links off the damn screen and stop your insanity.

Oh and btw... if it WAS true you just blog for yourself... well you wouldn't have Adsense ads on your page would you? Or for that matter make the blog public would you? Or for that matter even do a blog... because a journal would fit your hermitidic mentality oh so much better.

Personally... I'm waiting for someone to call me a blog snob now... that would really take the fuckity fucking cake.
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