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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Oscar Weekend Is Almost Here

So this Sunday the 78th Annual Academy Awards will be presented. The host this year is Jon Stewart of The Daily Show. Why do I bring this up? Why would I mention these awards in a blog that at most times purposefully shuns the rest of the world preferring to opt for my own and my own only.

Believe it or not, I was a film major and journalism minor in college. Yes... I actually have some form of higher education... not that I put it to use. Although, I did discover this disturbing information:

Best Picture Nominees:

  • Brokeback Mountain- $75.8 Million
  • Capote- $23.4 Million
  • Crash- $53.4 Million
  • Good Night, and Good Luck- $26.8 Million
  • Munich- $46.1 Million

Anyone notice anything special about this list? All the amounts are listed as Domestic Grosses from Worldwideboxoffice.com. Now compare that to, oh, let's say Star Wars Episode III with a $380.2 Million dollar domestic take. Right... where is George Lucas' nomination?

For an industry that constantly and consistently is claiming to be in a box office slump, hence the reason for rising movie ticket prices, and that claims they lose all this money through illegal piracy... how do they plan on turning that around by showcasing these movies that the general population obviously has no interest in.

For all its hype and publicity, even the great Brokeback Mountain has not broken the $100 Million mark. Maybe The 40 Year Old Virgin hasn't gotten any ass, and lord knows there was plenty of that on the Mountain, but at least even HE broke the $100 Million domestic mark.

There will be those who say its all about the art and that is why there are People's Choice Awards. I think in reality, it shows just how out of touch the Academy really is with America. Instead of making political statements or adoption trips to Thailand, why don't you focus on making good movies AND recognizing them.

I warn you Hollywood that continuing on this path of destruction will result in one thing and one thing only...

... now THAT is something to be afraid of...

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