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Monday, February 27, 2006

Goodbye HAT3 ... I'll miss you...

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I'm late in posting this... damn... I'm like really sad now... but I hate (no pun here folks) to report that HAT3 has left the blogging game. For those of you who don't know, Hat3 ran People You Might Meet On The Internet. This was one of three blogs I listed on my "Daily Reads". It's a hard link... and was worthy of such an honor (and it is an honor since I don't have many of those at all) because here was a guy who had a sense of humor and always gave little old me a good laugh.

Another really cool thing about Hat3 was he had all these little hotties holding up pictures of signs that said, "I love Hat3" or "Hat3 rulez". All the feminists out there I'm sure were disgusted by it... but personally I admired that he translated his playa lifestyle so openly. And hell... who am I kidding... I was jealous as shit.

For personal reasons Hat3 has left... and now no one can fear the red marker... because there's no more red marker to fear. So... Hat3, thanks for the good times, the memories, and if you have any extra ink to spill... feel free bro...

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