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Monday, February 20, 2006

Slight Clarification, Procrastination, and Catching Up

So it seems my last post caused a bit of a stir. I do appreciate the overall supportive sentiment to my opinion as I expressed it. Unlike the Denmark cartoonists, I will not be going into hiding. I do want to clarify one small thing however. Someone seems to think that I was “played” by the creator of Dawn and Night. Personally, I’m not sure how that can be. A few people have claimed it is a different blogger using a different account and name and so on, therefore by doing so have “played” me into thinking they were someone else.

Now understand where I’m coming from… which is New York City for those who don't know what the NYC stands for… so if someone wants to consider that I’ve been “played” by some evil blogger out there who posted some relatively lovely looking recipes on their blog into thinking they were a newbie blogger or something… well then the whole thing has just gone totally over your head because that is hardly being “played”. Even if it is to be considered being “played”… trust me I’m not losing any sleep over this at all.

Consider this, the last person who “played” me did so for over 5g back in 1998. Not to indict myself or anything… but they haven’t been walking straight since 1999. Is 5g important to me? Yes. Is someone pretending to be someone else out there important to me? No, not really… unless the person their pretending to be is me. My name is not Dawn, and although I do like to bake, I’m not a recipe posting type of guy. People are only how they represent themselves… and I was only pissed because I could have used the free creds from them surfing.


Blogging is addictive. I haven’t posted at all since Saturday under a self imposed interdiction. Why? Because I procrastinate. Everytime I sit at the computer to write I’ll usually end up surfing, or writing on the Blog, or doing a multitude of other things. See, today I had 3 articles due for . It was a total of 2,200 words at the minimum. Writing for them isn’t like working on my own stuff… because at $.10 a word… writing for them is money while for me is more pleasure than anything else. How much had I done? Well… zero. Up until Sunday morning I had written absolutely nothing.

So I sat down to do it, and although I found myself doing some surfing and some BOTBs late Sunday night to break the block that had formed around the longest article in particular, I finally finished them this afternoon. So my self imposed interdiction on blogging has been lifted… at least until the next deadline.


So because of my self imposed interdiction coupled with a number of work issues that continue to interfere with life, there is a little bit of catching up I need to do for my friends out here in the blogosphere.

First, I got a valentine from Luin over at Faerytale Dreams. Thanks Luin… I’ve never been called a "Knight in a Shining Ambulance" before… so that’s a first for me (especially since I never wash the damn thing). And to all the male bloggers out there… do you guys mean to tell me I was the ONLY one who sent Luin a valentine this year? Fools… fools are you all…

Secondly I got Kudos from Stephanie Davies over at Mystickal Incense and More Blog. In fact… I got double kudos… one for the post before… and another for helping support her by ordering candles. For those of you wondering… yes… I ordered vanilla. Thanks Steph… I appreciate the props and love… right back atcha!

Third is an update on the Izzy. So we’re back to hanging out and spending time together… and although our schedules don’t really permit us to spend as much time as we would probably like… well its high quality time. We saw Flight Plan with Jodi Foster. Of course, it was a bit more entertaining seeing as how Izzy works for an airline. So basically every other scene was a “Is that real?” from me, and a yes or no from her. I really liked those first class leather loungers they had… but she tells me they don’t exist. Damn you Hollywood!!!

Fourth is an update on the Steff. She had a nice Valentine’s Day… the new guy got her flowers, chocolate, wine and some crappy stuffed animal which she promptly threw into a closet. Officer Crumb sent her nothing but a text message… and although she had been teetering on sending him something… she didn’t. I view that as a good sign… Crumb needs to be out of the picture… and hopefully he’ll do it himself before I have to do it for him.

Fifth is an update on the Nick. She didn’t have a nice Valentine’s Day. Once again she got no flowers or stuffed animals… just the Russel Stovers’ chocolates from friends like me who would never hear the end of it if we didn’t. I have to laugh over the whole thing though… if you’re supposedly a commitment phobic person than why would you think someone would commit to 1800flowers.com for you if you can’t commit to dinner with them? I mean really now…

Finally… last but not least… is the Pudding. My wonderful ex-wife has been summer camp shopping. It isn’t bad enough she packs the kids into school at the earliest age possible, or that she continues to stay home all week doing nothing, but now she wants them gone for the summer too. All I know… is the divorce papers say nothing about summer camps. If its something DJ wants to do… I’ll gladly go half… but if its something to just get him out of the house then she needs to think twice. Of course he’ll say whatever she tells him… but I’ll still need to hear it from him before condoning it or not.

I think that catches me up on just about everything. Have a nice day.

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