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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Blogging Valentine's

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I blame my mother for most of my problems as an adult. Amongst the vast majority of my childhood torture was something that I think allows me to love as multiple people at the same time as I do as an adult. That occurred during Valentine's Day. See, mom, in her infinite wisdom used to make me write a Valentine Card to EACH AND EVERY girl in my class. Now, some people would say, "Well that's great, you were assured a Valentine!" WRONG!!! If you think getting your heart broken once was bad... try getting it broken 17 times (the most number of girls in my class in the 5th grade... 17 of the little bitches) on the same day!!!!

Is it any wonder I generally despise the holiday? No... of course not. But like any good sucker I continue the traditions instilled in me by Mother Dearly. One thing I have changed, however, is now I only ask 1 girl to actually be My Valentine. So here's the basic rundown of what everyone got:

  • Christine- Even though I haven't heard from her after our last argument, she got the standard and traditional yellow dozen roses.
  • The Steff- She got the standard and traditional Valentine Teddy Bear. Her love of all things stuffed is extraordinary... and bears have become our staple.
  • The Nick- She got the standard Russel Stover's box o' chocolate ($14.99)... and that was only because if I DIDN'T get her anything... I would NEVER hear the end of it.
  • Barrista- She got the standard Russel Stover's box o'chocolate ($4.99)... and that was only because if I got The Nick something and not her... I'd NEVER hear the end of it from The Nick.
  • Pudding and Blinky- The Godiva Chocolate selection they love. Pudding was my Valentine from 2000 until 2003... and considering we were married... I was pretty much guaranteed getting a yes.
  • Izzy- Izzy is the grand prize winner this year... she is the 2006 Valentine... a dozen red roses... a balloon... the staple bear...and a box of chocolate too. I am also happy to report that the snow did not stop 1800Flowers.com... and she said yes. So for those of you wondering the outcome if the Izzy Debacle, I'm happy to report that we were able to work it out and that things are once again on course in that department.

So... because of my mother's breeding... well I'm also going to send out some Valentine's here in the blogosphere. I really wasn't sure how to go about that... so I decided on these little graphics with links to their blogs. Here are my Blogging Valentine's:
One of my first and dearest Blogging Buddies... Monique and I share the fact that our lives are up and down... seemingly beyond out control... and we pour our souls into the same kind of sparkly electronic machine to entertain the masses (that would be you out there).

I don't exactly remember how I met Stephanie. I think it was a BE kind of thing... but she has one helluva blog cooking. She actually has themes, contests, rant days, and tons of other stuff. She's a daily dose of goodness no matter how scarce the goodness is that day.
I met Luin much the same way I met Stephanie. Dark... intriguing... mysterious... and one helluva writer. She's back to school so she isn't around as much... but when she is... its well worth the click.
Ah... Princess Pottymouth... my dose of blogging S&M... bold, brazen, and with a no prisoner style... yes... I have a sickly love for pain... and this little tart can dish it out better than most. She in fact was the one who helped me focus on my dream of becoming the King of all Drama. So I'm sure she'll crush this Blogging Valentine with the heel of her boot... but I wouldn't want it any other way!!!

And that my friends are my Blogging Valentines... so stop by their blogs... and tell them how much I love and adore them for me since I know no other way how!!!

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