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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Through A Dog's Eyes, Izzy, and Other Meanderings

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been consumed over the past few days with a couple of different things and then ontop of that Blogger has been having some service issues. So besides work being hectic as the flu continues to spread through the city, I've also been working on another blogging project. This one is called Through A Dog's Eyes. Originally, it started off as a photo blog. In the end though, I think it ended up warping into a mixed blog focusing on both photos as well as current events. The banner above is a link to it. Another reason I decided to have a second blog was because I get the feeling that if the time comes to be deployed to another disaster area I may not have the time or patience to set-up a Disaster Response Blog the way I would want it before leaving... so I will probably default to this one for my response updates.

Hopefully you'll find the writing a little more polished and the template a bit different. In fact, I liked the template so much, I was thinking about flipping it over to this blog as well... but after seeing Monique's new template... I'm going to save my pennies and get this one redone by a "professional" service. Not quite sure who yet... but there are a few I'm checking out. So check out my "other" blog if you get the chance... but stay tuned here too... because this is where my world famous drama will be!


Another inspirational reason came from Izzy. We've been spending more and more time together... talking on the phone and seeing each other as well. In fact, Thursday night she made me a dinner consisting of Shrimp Cocktail, Penne a la Vodka, and cherry pie. I love cherry pie. She made a comment to me about how I'm always carrying around my camera, which is true. I generally always have my camera on me for a few different reasons. Sometimes I'll see things that catch my eye, sometimes I'm out with people and I want to remember the moment, but most of the time it is because without it I'm afraid of missing something historical. So Izzy sort of inspired me to do the other blog as well.

I really like talking to her and spending time with her. Its nice to have someone to talk with and hang out with... and she is cute as all hell... and a great kisser. So yes... we have continued to kiss. She still has these affection aversions, so while kissing is cool, holding hands and hugging seems to be an emotional obstacle for her. She did let me play with her hair a bit, and I have clocked probably around 7 minutes of hand holding most recently, so it isn't like she's not trying. It does become a little difficult because I don't want to make her feel uncomfortable... and at the same time I desperately want to hold her hand, or hug her, but I become afraid this might end up pushing her away. Hopefully things can continue to develop positively.


On the drama front, The Nick and I got into a heated debate. She knows nothing of Izzy, only that she sees me at my desk IMing someone later than normal. The debate that was waged was because she now has a "boy". Something she claims to have had a phobia of... sort of like Izzy's aversion to affection only much more wider. The debate was at what point do you become boyfriend/girlfriend. The Nick claims it doesn't happen overnight and not until an official declaration by both parties. I tend to disagree. I think it can happen overnight, and while it doesn't take an official declaration it should be along the lines of both people agreeing to exclusivity.

So the debate grew larger until we involved all 4 dispatchers. Now there's one nice thing about being the boss... so yes... The Nick was outvoted and we have now officially declared her as a girlfriend to her "boy". The official proclamation came from Mel, who is still trying to figure out who the father of her unborn child is, and now the entire base knows The Nick is a taken woman. Needless to say... she is extremely upset over this... since it will undoubtedly cut into her V-Day booty haul.


Finally... today is Super Sunday. Personally I'm not a big fan of the game itself... I prefer the commercials. However I am placing my backing behind the Pittsburgh Steelers. So go Steelers!!!

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