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Monday, January 30, 2006

When We Were Liars, Things Were Seamless: An Open Letter to Mark

My friend Monique had an issue with her boyfriend Mark. For those of you who don't know Monique from When We Were Liars, Things were Seamless... well you're missing out on a great blog... and more importantly a great person.

So it turns out Mark dumped her. She basically wrote him a bit of a note here at When We Were Liars, Things Were Seamless: An Open Letter to Mark which you all should read and remember.

In my opinion... this guy is an idiot. I don't think I'm the only one in thinking this. As if I need to further prove my point...

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See, guy's like this for whatever reason can't be upfront and honest. Because they act like lying rotten children, guys like me get set-up and put into the same category along the same lines as them. Hence... why I hate fudge. If you like the girl... tell her. If you don't like the girl... tell her that too!

Don't come out with this pathetic "Whoa is me... I am so miserable... and even though I've found a dozen girls who might make me happy I won't be happy... because I love being miserable... whoa is me" crap. He's an emo sado-masichist and there is no denying it.

Someone's going to say, "Oh, but his job must be so hard... his favorite patient died! Oh poor him." Bullshit. If you can't take the stench of rotting flesh, the sight of eviscerated guts, the feel of a pulverized chest beneath your hands, then get out of the business. Oh wait... this idiot worked IN the hospital... by that time he got them they were all nice and clean and in a controlled environment. Right... so much to be sad over. Maybe if he worked on a lance he'd grow a sack and be able to tell her how he really feels.

Do I sound pissed? I am. Why? Well... aside from the fact I feel horrible because I technically backed this idiot but Izzy and I have been having a somewhat hard time around similar subjects. Then this fool just continues to prove to me why men suck... oh... AND I'M A MAN! So yes... I suck too... but at least I suck better than this idiot.

So look... Mark... I know your in the Mid-West... but let's just get something clear... don't come to New York... in fact... avoid the East Coast... because if you don't... well... we have a date... you, me, AND MY UNCLE LOUISEVILLE AND HE'S GONNA BREAK YOUR FREAKING LEGS!!!


Anyway... Monique... on behalf of the male gender... I apologize... and don't lose the faith... or fall over to the "dark side"... one day you'll find someone worthy of you...
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