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Friday, February 10, 2006

Visit Bridget, Comments Calling Jessica, and Woodstock 99

First things first… you guys need to go visit Gidget over in my Current Renter Box. No one has been showing her any love and that is just totally wrong. Even if you hate me… go visit her. She’s even got a stalker! So go over… visit… show the love.


I would also like to say that I appreciate the feedback from my dilemma with Izzy. I should make a little update… we spoke in person last night for about two hours. While I would like to say everything’s worked out… well we still have our own individual fears and idiosyncrasies so… I still want to see what everyone has to say and please vote in the poll on the sidebar. A three way tie is not the way I want to see it end… even though we all know that The Steff’s opinion is what I would end up taking anyway.

Oh… and my dear dear Jessica… like I said… you can only vote once… but what you don’t know… is that you can leave a comment. Just click on the word that says comments beneath the post and you can say whatever your little heart desires!!! I don’t even require you to join Blogger… so there ya go… all yours to rant away… and I look forward to hearing from you first hand.


Now to the meat of tonight’s rant/post/insane annoyance. I hate people who drop names as if it should really mean something.

Here’s a great example. Back in 1999 I worked in the Medical Transport sector for Woodstock 99 in Rome, New York. Yes, that was the one they burned. Now during the week I was there I saw A LOT of things. Things like naked people who had no business being naked, security guards wearing gang colors, exploding propane tanks in the dead of night, and the New York State Troopers hat and bat response at 4:00am. All of this was well and good.

I also met a lot of different people there. Doctor’s, nurses, other EMTs and Medics, musical artists (ICP RULEZ!!!) and their groupies (ICP GROUPIES RULE MORE!!!), janitors, caterers, and a bunch of others including a copule thousand patients. Everyone was really cool and we did walk away with some life long friends… and I even walked away with a future wife who would then become the ex-wife Pudding I love to dislike.

So tonight, 7 some odd years later, I get a call from a doctor at a hospital. Her patient, a pediatric who travels over 38 miles out of Manhattan to get home from a regular treatment appointment she has CHOSEN to have in Manhattan. Now we brought her in, but taking her out is always a problem. They always try to schedule her at the height of rush hour, which means even if we pick her up on time she’ll sit in traffic for three hours.

So we’re two hours late on the pick-up. A bunch of people call in with emergencies and all our regular transports get backlogged. So this happens every Friday. This doctor has apparently been charged with waiting for the pick-up… and having somewhere to be this “Valentine’s Day” weekend (her words, not mine)… so she says to me after five minutes of me trying to explain to her that we have been inundated with emergencies and traffic is slowing us down… and keep in mind I answer the phone with, “Good Evening dispatch, Big Dawg speaking how may I help you?”… so she says, “Well if this truck isn’t here in five minutes I’m calling your boss, Big Dawg. I’m very good friends with him from when we worked side by side at Woodstock together.”

Right. This idiot dropped my own name to threaten me. I was dumfounded as she just ranted on about how “Big Dawg” would be SO upset if he found out this was how this patient was treated, and blah blah mofo blah.

Finally, she asked for my name… and I said, “My name is Big Dawg, so when you call me about me, I highly suggest you remind me who in the bloody hell you are from ’99 that I should remember you!” I was HEATED.

She gasps… I guess not many people expect someone like me (being someone who can actually make change happen) to actually be on the other end of a complaint… and so she says, “Why it’s me… Gina… from Friday night…behind the trailer…” DAMN!!! Right… red thronged medical student. Hey… I wasn’t married yet!

Needless to say… I hate when people drop names on me… especially my own!
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