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Thursday, February 23, 2006


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Ok, so there are alot of beautiful blogs out there. Are there that many skilled designers? Well there sure are alot. Digitally Essential did my friend Monique's blog... and they did a helluva a job. Troll Baby Graphics is another popular design service I've seen a few times but most notable on One Lazy Lesbian, and they have CafePress gear (my CafePress stuff is under review... some crap about trademarks or something). Then there are the creators of the Occasional Bitch template I love and drool over so very much West Designs. Then of course there are the Web Divas who have been held responsible for Mommy's Busy Take A Number. Of course there is also Stephanie over at Mystickal Incense who also does blog design besides making the candles (of which I am eagerly anticipating mine to arrive any day now... ah... soon to be bathed in the aroma of vanilla... but I digress).

Anyone see a common theme in all of this. Right... you are all women!!! Damnit! I am a man! I like to do manly things! I've come to the conclusion that women comprise at least 90% of the blogosphere. Want proof? All the fellas in the house gimme a "Hell Yeah!"! What? What? One more time... All the fellas in the house gimme a "Hell Yeah!"! Oh... okay... good looking RockyJay... glad to see you brother... now all the ladies in the house give me a "Hell Yeah!"! What? What? Oh... right... okay... how about all the BITCHES in the house give me a "Hell Yeah!"! Whoa! Yes... that high pitched roar we all just heard that blew out our speakers are the women of the blogosphere. See... I hate to be a told you so... but I told you so.

Okay. So here's the deal. I'm officially putting out an RFP (request for proposal). Here's what I want:

  • A Blogger platform template utilizing at least the colors black and orange somewhere
  • The template must be masculine. Although I am not against having beautiful females in the header, there must be some sort of guyness to it as well. I would like to continue with Mini-Dog as a lead "character" but I understand if that's not possible
  • The template must by designed to change with resolution although 1024X768 will be acceptable
  • The template must have three columns. I prefer the double sidebars, but if you have a great idea that puts the main content on either side instead of the middle I am by all means willing to entertain that thought
  • The template must be themed to this blog which is entitled "A Pile of Dog Bones"
  • One graphic logo must accompany said design that may be used in banners, buttons, and Cafepress items as needed (200 dpi(and NOT get stopped by possible "Trademark" issues) and other CafePress requirements as needed)
  • It should be relatively easy for me to add on/take stuff off... so it should be in Notepad and comments in the script would be needed
  • You should be able to accept payment via PayPal
  • Submissions should include a brief description of how you plan on doing the "theme", price, and anything else you think would make me go with you
  • Proposal submission deadline will be March 10th. Submissions should be e-mailed to me here and a comment should also be left in case it gets caught up in my SPAM filter. Additionally if anyone out there has a Blog Designer you want to "pimp", well here's the time to do it... use the comments.
  • I will make my decision on who to go with by March 16th and I would like to have a new blog design up by April 1.

So what am I willing to pay for all this. I've seen alot of different price ranges especially for a Blogger template. Let's say the price is negotiable... although I will view any bid over $220.00 to be above budget. In addition, you will of course receive credit on the template that will be there for as long as I use it. I will also advertise your site on a variety of Banner Exchanges with one of my Mini-Dog banners and directing any hits onto it to whichever page you like. Right now I'm thinking of 10,000 views... but I may double that depending on your bid price.

Finally... you will be the proud designer of a manly blog. Now how's that for history? So... Blog Doctor's... let the consultations begin... and make me into a Blogging Swan!!!
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