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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Mirror Mirror on the Blog


First things first... BLOGMAD is going to do their Bugout day this Saturday... so if you haven't gotten in yet on the ground floor of this soon to be (hopefully next week) live traffic gem... then do it NOW!!!

To be honest as I so often am… I am in zero mood to be blogging tonight. Today has been a bad day again… not like the other bad day I recently had… but bad in other ways.

Let’s start with the fact Izzy and I have been fighting since Monday. Because we lead relatively complicated lives, Monday is sort of “our” night. However, this past Monday and Tuesday I was stuck working some marathon sessions. Yesterday we were still being snippy with each other, and things worsened of course today. That’s really all I’m going to say about it… it bothers me too much right now to even write about it.

This morning I received two root canals and a screw into my jaw. Yes… I was back at the dentist. I am getting four posts done from doing some severe damage to my grill, and it is taking awhile partially due to cost but mostly due to the fact I hate the dentist. The smell… the sounds… the pain! Right... you too huh?

So my front upper four are being posted. I had two root canals done two weeks ago… and then this morning he did the other two. The root canals aren’t bad when they get done… seeing as how he gases me and throws something like four amps of novacaine when he does them. The after effects are killer. Ontop of the two left root canals he did, he tossed on a temporary crown with a post on one of the two root canals he had done last time. So… I now have a screw drilled into my jaw that is also causing me extreme discomfort.

Now to add difficulty to everything… I ended up on a board today again since my one dispatcher wrecked her car yesterday. She’ll be okay… so don’t worry… but she’s out the rest of the week. So having to do all this talking and stuff today really was not how I wanted to spend the day. Of course… I sounded like crap and had to repeat EVERYTHING at least twice. Yeah… not a good day at all.

So why am I here? Why am I blogging? Well… I need something to take my mind off Izzy… and surfing isn’t doing it. All these pretty blogs out there… all these beautiful nicely laid out with hot graphics blogs. And then… there is mine. Maybe the light text on black background is getting to me. Or maybe I’m becoming narcissistic like that Humpty person. But then what am I to do?

I could try designing from scratch… but let’s face it… I’m old… and with all the new scripts going and different things that have caught on I’d be nuts to think I could come up with something as hot as everyone else… especially the graphics. I’m very bad at graphics. Although I do like my Mini-Dog avatar… still… I feel I need better graphics. Maybe a better all around design. I know what I need… I need a friggin’ Blog Doctor to make my blog look better. Maybe that’ll make me feel better. Maybe that will put a smile back on my blogging persona... maybe... just maybe...
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