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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Sweet Smell of Success

I got home pretty late last night... around midnight or so. When I got home my plans were simple. I figured I'd drop the shitkickers in the hallway, grab some grub from the kitchen, talk to the Izzy for awhile, and watch some television.

So I got so far as talking to Izzy and grabbing grub when I found a box on my bed. At first I didn't remember ordering anything... but then it dawned on me. They were the candles from Stephanie's store over at Mystickal Incense. So I opened it up.

The box itself smelled wonderful! I had ordered three jar candles and a Mystickal Pillar... and for those of you who don't know I have a vanilla fetish... so yes, two of them were vanilla. So I opened one and lit it. Now I am not really into aromatherapy as other people are... but I have to be honest... I felt relaxed almost at once.

So I burned the candle for about three hours. During those three hours I finished the chapter I had been stuck on. Not only did I finish it... but it was so EASY!!! Now for the best part... I blew out the candle but the vanilla aroma remained in the room as I laid down to sleep.

Recently I've been having trouble sleeping... well... not so much falling asleep... but I don't sleep well. Usually its three hours here, and another three there. I haven't slept peacefully for more than four straight hours in at least three months.

I slept from 3:00am last night until 9:30am this morning when my alarm clock actually went off. As I said before, I'm not a big believer in aromatherapy, but these candles certainly did something!!! Thank you SO much Stephanie!!!

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