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Monday, February 27, 2006

Trimon:War of the Lands

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One of the great things about the Internet is the way it allows artists of all types to interact. So author Tia Wood has decided to use the Internet in combination with Google Print to publish her first foray into fantasy fiction entirely on the Internet. We aren't talking about those PDF e-books that require a reader... we are talking about the entire book here on the Internet.

How will she make money you ask? Well hell... I asked myself the same question... and as bloggers we should be interested to know that she plans on using the same type of ads as we have on our own blogs. Could this be the future of e-writing? Will Blogs give way to Wooks (Web+books=Wooks)? Will there be any profitability here?

I for one am not only interested in seeing how this experiment works... but also to see how the story progresses. Check out Trimon:War of the Lands and join the Yahoo! Group to follow the path of not only the idea and concept... but also of Larry Wilson and his adventures in Trimon.

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