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Friday, March 03, 2006

Renting My Blog

So Cat's time here has ended, and we are sad to see her go but that means I am once again renting my blog out on Blog Explosion.

When I was doing it this morning, I also perused some places that may have space for my little thumbnail. Now, I have made alot of bids, and maybe only actually rented space 4 or 5 times including this week with The Full Metal Attorney who was kind enough to rent me the space on his perversely interesting (it's perverse if you hate lawyers like I do) for 25 credits. In looking at what was open, I saw alot of high end offers by people who have run campaigns with VERY little results.

Now I'll be honest... I don't have the highest traffic, and recently I've been averaging around 10-14 unique click-throughs for my renters, and my blog by far is not the prettiest... but how can someone in good conscience ask for 100 or even 60 credits and their renter only gets 3 or 4 unique click throughs?

Sometimes I think the price I ask, 40 credits (of which I get 35), might be a little too high... but then I see these blogs and I wonder if I'm undervaluing myself. I think the price I ask is modest and fair. I will continue at that price unless I suddenly find my tenants getting 40+ Unique click throughs... then maybe I'll raise the rent a little... for the electric and all.

If you have a blog (which in all likelihood you do), and want to rent some space here on the good old Pile, then go join Blog Explosion if you haven't already, and when you rent I'll even throw in a piece of cherry pie.
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