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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Julie's Life in a Nutshell: My Blog is Moving!.....New name....new home

One of the tragedy's of blogging is that sometimes people you don't want reading it do. Take for example poor Julie who is at Julie's Life in a Nutshell. Today she posted up Julie's Life in a Nutshell: My Blog is Moving!.....New name....new home because it turns out her roommate... who she blogged about... reads her blog. Now as if that wasn't bad enough... the roomy called her on somethings she had written... and then after the roomy promised not to read it anymore she was found to still be reading it. THE POWER OF THE TRACKER LURKERS!!!

The chance of discovery is higher here in the blogosphere than say that journal in your dresser drawer. Yet, it seems that is what we are most drawn to... the participation of other people. In a relatively short time we have seen Humpty Lumpty press the self-destruct button, Hat3 abandon his People On The Internet, and now Julie is going undercover. By nature we all seem to be social writers and talking about things so frankly does put us at a certain risk... and what it may cost us in the end is something we may not be ultimately willing to pay.

I often wonder what would happen if certain people I know would read this blog. Some would surely think me certifiable, others I'm sure would be angry, and yet there are those that would end up secretly lurking about waiting to see how far down my throat I would be willing to stick my foot. Well newsflash for those fools... I can sustain a steady diet of Timberlands if need be... and if you doubt that just ask Izzy.

Thankfully Julie is not leaving the blogosphere as a whole... and that is something I am happy to report... but I will not be reporting where she goes. I don't know her roomy's IP Address but chances are she might very well be reading this... and I will not be party to compromising someone in the Blogger Protection Program.

So do the solid people... and all you lurkers out there... and give Julie the motivation to continue in the blogging world... visit her one last time and admire the awesome new template Stephanie had JUST done for her... and that she is now forced to abandon because a "friend" could not keep their word.
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