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Monday, March 13, 2006

Say a Blogging Prayer, Chant, or Rub The Rabbit

Ok... so today is Monday. For those of you not in the know, the Mid-West got hit with some serious tornado activity. There has not been a FEMA alert that I am aware of, but I do have a few concerns. Yesterday was Sunday, and over at Mystickal Incense it is usually Kudos Day... but there has been no word from Stephanie at Mystickal since Saturday.

Now while I know Springfield, Illinois was virtually decimated, there has also been some severe damage in Missouri... which is where Stephanie and Gareth reside. Those of you who are familiar know that Stephanie blogs almost religously and on a VERY timely schedule. Maybe she doesn't do it at any particular time... but she NEVER misses an entire day. Now of course... it may just be because Gareth's best friend from England, Dave, flew in... and they ended up until the wee hours of the morn in the pub going over all those old English futball stories and what have you... but... seeing some of these pictures makes you wonder. Of course I have a packing slip from some candles I ordered from her... but seeing as how I'm at work... I don't remember where in Missouri she actually is.

Now I don't know your religous preference, whether it be prayer, chant, incantation, or rubbing the rabbit's faux foot (that's my personal choice btw since the Big Man and I are not on speaking terms) but whatever it may be... just do it and hopefully everything is okay and she just has a REALLY bad hangover.
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