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Friday, April 07, 2006

GDF, The Drama Update, and Cable Internet

So today is Friday. In protest of HNT and SPT and all the other blogging days my renter Rock Bitch started GDF... better known as Get Drunk Friday. The idea is to get drunk, and blog. Now I had planned on being the first GDFer, because technically at midnight it was Friday. So after around 10 Budweisers my beloved truck went into autopilot and I found my way home. At 3:00am this morning I tried to blog. For some reason, I could not get the Internet connection. No matter how hard I tried, I was getting that server not found page. I was at a loss... and being drunk really not too sure how to fix it. So needless to say I didn't blog. However, this does not mean that you can't partake in GDF. There is still time for you! For more details, and a cute little button, check out The Rock Bitch.


Now don't think I got drunk alone. Last night I went to hang out with The Steff for the first time in at least a month. Her house was empty and she was having a few friends from her new job over, and had me come over since the last time we planned a night out she thoroughly ditched me for New Guy B. Now what you need to understand is that although these people work at her new job, half of them have also worked for me. In fact, her new boss and I have known each other for years and have equally embarassing blackmailable photos of each other from Woodstock '99.

So we're in the basement of her place, drinking,bullshitting, and reminiscing. Somehow and someway, around five people ended up on her bed... which then promptly broke. Yes, The Steff has a broken bed. So guess what I'm doing tomorrow morning? Right... trying to fix The Steff's bed. After the bed broke, well I guess that was enough ruckus for most of the people there, and in drips and drabs they left.

I was on beer number 9 when we got to talking. The topics were mainly about how to fix her bed, Zooted and Polluted's upcoming birthday, and of course New Guy A and New Guy B. New Guy A just isn't cutting it... and New Guy B is like the best thing since apple pie. Now I've already met New Guy A, but not New Guy B... so New Guy A knows if he breaks his heart I'll break his legs. That is very clear between us... although I had already told The Steff that she would be the one breaking his heart. Guess who was right? So I told her she has to be honest and tell New Guy A look, this isn't working, and all the other niceties that go along with it.

Sure enough New Guy A calls... and she promptly tells him that she's tired of him and his shit. How he's a mope, and a loser, and how he never calls her and she's not calling him anymore. There is a brief pause and then she asks him if she can call him back. Another brief pause, and then she tells him, "Well I'm here with Dog and I haven't seen him and I'm sick and tired of you!" Right... so now he's probably pissed off because I'm there, and she basically told him off, and he probably thinks I'm behind it. Guess what? I was, in a weird sort of way, so bring it on New Guy A but remember, I may always be outnumbered... but I'm never outgunned.

So after she hangs up with New Guy A our conversation slides to other things... mainly The Nick. Now The Steff has told me to tell The Nick to call her... but The Nick still hadn't. Why? Well that's probably because The Nick now has a boyfriend. That's right... the Queen of Relationship Phobias has been hooked up with a guy she met over the weekend. Apparently, he's taller than her, and into motorcycles or something. Yet above all, she claims he is an artist. Hence why I have now taken to calling her a Giant Lover in retribution for insisting I am a Midget Lover... when in reality I am a totally equal oppotunity

As I explained to The Steff, how did I know that something was different with The Nick? She's actually been nice for longer than a day! She came into work early and with a smile, she's been happy, and with the exception of a brief outburst of nastiness against my Oompa Loompas, she's been kind and caring. Of course there is still some hesitation on The Nick's part... because to her there has to be a problem with this guy who seems all too perfect... and she's basically waiting for that to reveal itself. I'm sure that whatever it is won't be too too bad... but this is The Nick... and I'm sure the relationship phobia will kick in.

And with the end of that topic, and my tenth beer, I called it a night. I bid The Steff adieu and headed home on auto-pilot... and thus ends the Drama Update. Of course there is other stuff going on with Pudding... but who really wants to hear about her anyway? It's bad enough I have to.


Now this morning I still couldn't understand why I wasn't able to connect to the Internet. So I sat down at the Windows 74 computer and re-did everything I could remember doing the night before... and that is when it struck me. I forgot to dial-up to the 'Net. I had been so used to the direct connection on my other computer at work, that I forgot in my inebriated state that I had to actually use the AOL software.

So I have set forth the process of getting cable internet service. I won't be hooking it up to Windows '74. I will be hooking it up to the slightly used Dell Windows XP computer I have been using for my writing. I had purposely avoided hooking that computer up because when I write I wanted as few distractions as possible... but I think I'm probably better off doing it so that I may actually be able to accomplish more in the basement than I have been.

With that... I wish you all a great weekend... you probably won't hear from me until Monday because between riding tonight at the Hills, fixing The Steff's bed tomorrow morning, Zooted and Polluted's birthday dinner tomorrow evening, Wolf watching tomorrow night, and hopefully Ice Age 2 on Sunday I doubt I will have the patience... or the mind power to remember to dial in.
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