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Monday, April 10, 2006

My New Renter, Weekend Warrioring, and The Gospel of Judas

So I had a little room here on the Pile... and I figured that since I have been pretty light in the drama department, I would bring in some hard core blogging back-up. Hence the reason why Shelley from The Dramedy of Life is staying the week. If you haven't already been there... then go now. We're not talking about anything average over, it's all way above. Aside from AI recaps and some interesting book reviews, you should also congratulate her on being named one of MTMD's Blogs of Excellence. So go over and do the right thing... click on the Current Renter Box and show some love!!!


So as I mentioned previously this past weekend I spent some time at The Hills. It was, for a volley truck, a busy night. We did a lovely food poisoning at 2:00am, an overturned mini-van with a pin at 94 Street and the GCP at around 4:30am, and a straight up pin job on the GCP by Jewel Avenue at 6:50am.

Now I'm sure alot of people are wondering what a "pin" job is. Basically, your accident is so bad, the car or some object pins you to where you are. The first job at 4:30am had over 30 minutes spent on extrication. FDNY Rescue and NYPD ESU were both onscene. We had ALS back up from 46W1 who are a voluntary unit from St. John's Queens and BLS unit assigned was 46C1. Here's the sad part... we got flagged down for this call going for souvlaki in Astoria. 46W1 buffed the call from their 89, and 46C1 was the LAST unit there. Once again... FDNY BEMS doing their best to serve the community... friggin' municipals. The mini-van was on it's side, and after FDNY and NYPD agreed to disagree on how to slice and dice the vehicle, they finally got the roof off so we could extricate. The job is what I refer to as a SOCF... or Spontaneous Operation Cluster Fuck. Now this is different than just a regular OCF (it means the same damn thing only take the word Spontaneous out) because it doesn't necessarily have to go that route. A regular OCF is just destined to be it no matter what you do. An example of an OCF is Woodstock '99 in Rome, New York. Going in we knew it would be an OCF. This pin job did not have to be.

The second one was a little more interesting. In New York there are Expressways and Parkways. Commercial vehicles, namely tractor trailers and other big trucks. Now the GCP stands for Grand Central Parkway... so when I found a Ford F-250 rammed into the back of a tractor trailer I was really pretty surprised about the whole thing. Luckily, no one was a passenger otherwise they would have definately been killed. The driver wasn't in great shape either. We were once again first onscene with NYPD Highway 3. Both NYPD ESU and FDNY Rescue showed up once again. Fifteen minutes later, we were rolling him to the ambulance. It was one of the quickest and cleanest slice and dice jobs I've seen in a long time. These guys must have gotten their communication kinks worked out on the previous job, which was great. We rolled this patient into New York Hospital of Queens straight up BLS, because the ALS got lost.

I should have some pics sent to me sometime for the first one. There was a camera guy there... and he took some shots... including one of me with my infamous thumbs up pose. I'm waiting for it to hit the front page of the Daily News.

What does any of this have to do with anything? Well it ended my weekend warrioring for another week. Truth is, I have to refresh in six months or so. Our cards are good for three years, and to be honest I was thinking about not refreshing. Twelve years doing this, and it wears on you. I guess its something I'm going to have to think about... because while I know it pays the bills and puts food on the table... in the end it has also caused alot of the issues I deal with in my personal life today.

But... if all I'm doing is weekend warrioring... well then what's my problem? I guess this is the point where I start thinking of a career change... and maybe maintain it as a hobby. I guess we'll see how Hurricane season shapes up... if I can get deployed again... hopefully I'll be a happier camper.

On a side note I did fix The Steff's bed this weekend. It looked all good... and she was laying on it without an issue... until 3:00am when it collapsed again. So I'm thinking a career as a general contractor is out. Next career... metal worker!


The Gospel of Judas was on the National Geographic Channel this weekend. Interesting story about the manuscript... and the fact it was kept all of 30 miles from my house for 15+ years. It is one of the gnostic gospels... the ones not recognized by the Church or Churches or what have you.

I found it really interesting, because Judas has always been considered the "Great Traitor". This being Holy Week for most Christians, well he plays a pivotal role in the whole thing. So what did the Gospel say? Well you'll have to watch yourself... but I'll give you a teaser or two anyway because of why I found it interesting. Don't read anymore if you want to watch it.

So it turns out that Judas is the greatest of all apostles. Would you expect anything less from the Gospel of Judas? Right... so not only is he the bravest and smartest of all of them, but Joshua (look, here's my thing, Jesus' real name for Joshua... hate to break the news to everyone... if you want that explanation in detail I'll explain it another time... just leave a comment) tells him the secrets of Heaven to boot and leaves everyone else clueless. Why? Because Judas is the best apostle of them all of course! How does Judas prove this... and here is where it gets a little silly, but somewhat believable... Joshua ASKS Judas to betray him!!! That's right, it was a favor... maybe in trade for a night with Mary Magdalene when he was done or something.

Pretty cool stuff huh? Well I thought so. Wanna know the best part? How does Joshua get Judas to do it... by telling him that he will be remembered for "all time" for his own personal "sacrifice". Now if that isn't proof Joshua could tell the future, well I don't know what is! For some reason though, I don't think being known as evil incarnate was what Judas had in mind.
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