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“In each of us two natures are at war… the good and the evil. All our lives the fight goes on between them, but one of them must conquer. In our own hands lies the power to choose. What we want most to be we are.” – Dr. Henry Jekyll

Friday, April 14, 2006

Black Hearts Incorporated

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I realized after this post that I had gotten pretty dark and depressing. Well that is definately a side of me that's there... and at times here too. I did decide, perhaps silently, that I would not make this a drama filled place or a dark depressing brooding place anymore either. Call it a quest for blog happiness or what have you... but I just wanted a lighter feel to the whole thing/place.

However... let's be honest... I have a dark side. Not only do I have a dark side... but so do a bunch of other people I generally roamed around with through the streets of NYC taking pictures, writing words, and depicting life as we saw it (the best social description would be a Goth... but we didn't wear make-up). Life can harden you... and at times turn you heart black and cold. That's where Black Hearts Inc. originated from.

Now the original Black Hearts Inc. was extremely loosely organized. We had some t-shirt designs, and some chapbooks published, and a bunch of other things in the early and mid-90's. We operated quite literally out of a drawer from our college newspaper. Notoriety wasn't really prevalent... but every now and then I see one of our shirts being worn (once by a homeless guy) or come across something by one of the guys or gals who were a member... and I do get nostalgic. Perhaps I miss the time when life was simpler... sleep, eat, smoke, write, eat, sleep. Yet... it was also probably the darkest time for me personally because I did not feel that I was affecting the world at all.

We all used to have something that was unique to whatever we did. Usually it would appear on the inside cover of a chapbook, or the back of a photo or poem. It sort of became our personal signature to the work. I had a sort of soliloquey that said:

I am the Watchdog. He who stands alone. In my eyes you can see the pain of the masses. In my heart you can see the wretch I am.

When I decided to become an EMT I added this to it:

To overcome what you fear most you must become one with it. They also call me Death. So be it.

So I have to a degree resurrected Black Hearts Inc. here on this blog. Up there on the left side top of the sidebar is the Black Hearts Inc. box. You'll see a picture there or a graphic... and undoubtedly it will link somewhere. Perhaps it will link to a post in a blog whether it be this one or anothers. Perhaps it will link to a MySpace profile, or a website, or an article, or a band's website. No one can ever really be sure where it will lead you except of course for me. I figure I'll change it every two weeks or so... so be sure to check it out when it changes.

I've been thinking of changing what my signature soliloquey is again. Not too sure what to do with it... kicking some ideas around in my head. When the time is right it will appear there as well. But until then, I didn't want to ignore the space without some sort of an explanation to it.

What Black Hearts Inc. does is really simple. It is a catalyst for thought, a source of pleasure, an outlet for pain, and proof that even the darkest, coldest and blackest hearts still pump a version of life throught this body we call the world.

So be it.

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