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Monday, April 17, 2006

I Got Tagged!!!

So Monique decided to tag me about weird things about me. Wow. This is a hard one considering I am EXTREMELY weird... as if you all didn't figure that out already. So here it goes but first the rules:

The Rules: Write weird facts/things etc. about yourself in my comment box and on your site and then tag six people. Then leave a comment on their site that says they're tagged and to read your site.

The people I am tagging in return: Luin, Hamburger, Rebecca, T, Sherrie, and Mollie.

6 Weird Things About Me:

1) I frequently go to Dunkin Donuts in the morning on my way to work. I always order a large French Vanilla ice coffee light with cream and four splenda. Not so weird right? Until I tell you I order that same thing 365 days a year no matter how cold it is outside. I do not drink hot coffee.

2) Before discovering the joys of ice coffee I would wake up and drink a Coca-Cola Classic. Coke is my defacto soda of choice. In fact, I would not go into a Burger King for years because all they served was Pepsi. In my old age I have lightened up a bit and now there are only three other sodas I drink, Jolt Cola, Mr. Pibbs (ONLY Mr. Pibbs or Pibbs Xtra not Dr. Pepper), and Mountain Dew Code Red. Go figure.

3) I have a journal fetish. I am constantly finding and buying new blank journals which end up never being used. I always buy them with the clear intention of using them... just never get around to it. My favorite journal is one I got from Australia and paid over one hundred dollars for. Why? Because it is as close to an exact replica I could get from Ryan Phillipe's journal in Cruel Intentions. Nothing like the soft feel of paper from down under...

4) I began working when I was 12 years old at my local R.C. Church. I worked there for ten years, quitting at the ripe old age of 22, and have only gone back on two occasions. I would easily spend 12 hours a weekend there and every now and then a day during the week too. I worked in both the office of the Rectory as well as in the Sacristy of the Church which I was very capable of doing because I was an altar boy since I was 10 years old (I stopped doing that when I became a Eucharistic Minister at 21). By my calculations I went to 3 masses a weekend for 10 years so because I stopped going at 22, I technically should not have to go to mass again until I'm 42. So I still have 11 years to go before I will be damned to hell for not going to church ontop of everything else I've done. I look forward to that day and will probably have a party. Wanna come?

5) Red and black are my favorite colors. Big surprise there right? Well... here's where it gets weird. I love the smell of vanilla. So when I order candles I get red and black scented with vanilla. I really didn't think it was weird 'til someone mentioned their husband thought I was a goth. My mentality is probably very gothlike but I'm not into the whole make-up thing.

6) The final weird thing about me, well that I would consider weird, is that I can't go to sleep in silence. After so many years sleeping with background noise if there is nothing on in the background I can't sleep. Usually I'll leave the television on now... but it has to be the History Channel or the Travel Channel. I want to become as educated as I can while I sleep.

So that's my six weird things about me. In hindsight... maybe I'm not that weird after all. Then again... how weird are you?
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