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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Divine Intervention and Making It Happen

Ok... so its no big secret that I have my favorite bitches... but now I also have my favorite goddesses too. That's right... Consult A Goddess has opened for business... and I have been their first mortal advised. I think I should get an award. Anyway, if you want to know all about my divine intervention then read it right here... and if you have a question or a problem I highly suggest utilizing their services... they are goddesses after all.


So all three goddesses gave me some good advice for my "friend". Ok... so my "friend" is really me. Yes... my writer's block is well documented here... as are the many bricks in the wall. So E (I am so NOT using their full names here... call me lazy... but if I can't pronounce it I ain't typing it!) says I need to find my heart (she also mentioned that she found me brilliant... which is making me wonder if this goddess is smoking the wacky tobacky... but I digress... but it was a very sweet thing to say and made me feel all warm and gooey inside like a Toll House Cookie). A tells me I need to find my heart but I also need to put in some blood, sweat and tears. T knows exactly what I mean... apparently goddesses run into walls too... and she agrees that I just need to buckle down, be like Nike, and do it.

So with that I am off to do this. I will follow my own edict to my Techs, Medics, Dispatchers, and Finance people when I slam my fist down on the conference table and yell my motto of, "Make it happen!" or its southern version "Git 'R Done!"

I do not know how long it will take... and there are alot of things I want to blog about like the new series on TNT that is ripped off from my life, my take on the gas prices, and all the other blogosphere craziness going on... but you won't here from me until I am done or the deadline has passed. However... I would like to leave you with this that my friend KC sent to me to cheer me up... because whether you have noticed or not I have had the week from hell.

So I will now light one of my newly arrived vanilla candles from my most beloved candle maker... and I'm going to do this. Have a nice day.

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