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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

New Tenants, A Gift for Gidge, and T's Idea

So unfortunately while I was away breaking stuff in Albany, Noi left APODB. She was a great guest and one I would welcome back in a heartbeat. This week I have the honor of hosting the one, the only, Joshua Herman Christus!!! That's right folks... the Big Man Himself and his sidekick Hot Hand Luke are staying the week at APODB. Now some people may be wondering why I have agreed to let both of them in here... seeing as how my place is kinda small and all... but truth is I plan on spending the week between Gidge and Shelly.

While the Big Man and Company are at APODB right now... here I am on Shelly's patio in my mad cow feety pajamas, with a nice plate of brownies beside me as the grill light dims. So when you all go see me favorite fluffer and read about how Paris is out... remind her that when the moment came... she was biting my downstuffed pillow I had wrapped around her head. Boy do I LOVE slumber parties!


One of the things I missed this week was Monday... which I decided I would dedicate to men's health and to my harem. So because of this, the fact I dredged up bad memories for Gidge, the fact that by the time she gets here these brownies are going to be gone, and well because I do like Gidge because she's a sweetheart... here ya go babe...

Nice shirt... now take it off!!!

Moody little guy isn't he?

Now I won't tell Dark if you don't... and I'm sure Sutherland here will wrap a pillow around your head anytime you want. Oh, and I'm sorry to say that I'm about a few ten thousand pixels taller and wider than my avatar, I wear the red hat only during social occasions, and the duster usually only when I need to carry my Uncle Louiseville closely or if its raining. Oh... and I have more facial hair now too. There are easier ways to see what I look like if you really must know.


Finally we come to the beloved T. For some reason I keep getting drawn into her blog deeper and deeper... and her comment section is usually used as a running conversation. I'll be honest... I normally avoid comment sections like that because if I wanted to carry on a conversation well there is e-mail, IM, and a host of other things... but I do get into it by T's.

Well T had this post about blogging friends. In one of her replies she mentioned something about an East Coast Blogger's Conference. So I started thinking... and maybe it was one of the blows from Shelly's foam couch cushion she wields so handily that jogged the cog loose... but it got me thinking maybe I should run a poll. So in the side over there is now a poll for you to look at and vote on. I'll be running it for about a month to gauge interest. It's more of a curiosity thing for me... just to see what people think.

So with that... as I stuff the last brownie down my gullet... I'm going to curl up at Shelly's feet and call it a night folks. Oh and hey J.C. be sure to be careful of the toilet... I just got that fixed dude!
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