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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Court of Sebastian, Some Loose Ends, and Sickos

So as I may have mentioned, last night Sebastian Bach was at the GNR show. For those of you who don't know... Sebastian used to front a band called Skid Row. They were for all intense purposes a metal hair band. Skid Row by the way has reformed as well... only without the prescence of Sebastian Bach.

See Sebastian has serious ego issues. He continues to think he is the king of the hill. I made brief mention about him holding court outside the back of the Hammerstein. So why does a guy like this feel so, well, powerful? Because of hot and sexy women like this. Her name is Vixen... and she is the Head Fluffer for this agency here. See Sebastian buys his women. That's right... his ego is fed through money and buying women. What he does is hire one or two of these Fluffers... then he "holds court" so everyone can see him with them. They then conveniently go to the bathroom... and all the real women come up and oogle and ah him. Now that his plastic women are gone... he gets to pick and choose a regular woman for a reduced price, because no matter how much he pays these Fluffers aren't going to allow him anymore than an arm around their shoulders.

It is usually moments like these where I seriously have to question not only the celebrity and their status... but the fans as well. Are people so easily star struck that they cannot see behind the deception of a has been? The whole thing to me seems utterly ridiculous to me... yet some people continue to partake in the practice and will even forsake the lives they are in for a "moment" with their "idol". It's not something I understand... but something I needed to vent about.


So I got tagged with this thing about listing 10 things you would say to people. There's nothing in it about how many people to tag... so I won't be tagging anyone... but if you want to do it then feel free. Here's the rules as I received them and my 10 things:

List up to ten (10) - or more - things you want to say to ten (10) different people. Do not state who these people are and do not confirm or deny any ‘comment speculation’.

10) No matter what they say, what you hear, and what you may be shown... my death will always be greatly exaggerated... because I may always be outnumbered... but I'm never outgunned.

9) One day your going to go blind if you keep that up.

8) I value an awful lot of different things in a really screwed up way. One day you may even understand that and then you'll know why I am the way I am.

7) When you broke my CD player when you were five... well... I know I wasn't innocent either because I had broken your stick. So... I'm sorry.

6) You know that whole thing about beauty being more than skin deep? Tell that to Larry Flynt and see what you get.

5) At some point and time you will realize that relationships are two way streets and not just you giving and losing.

4) You know that the only thing that matters to me is your happiness. At some point, my happiness has to come into account too though... which inevitably will be when I say goodbye to you... although I will love you even after the pumper in my chest stops pumping.

3) I seriously need to smack some sense into you.

2) Really? I'll be your Huckleberry. You fruity crumbcake.

1) There will be a day, an hour, a moment when I no longer will walk this earth. Your life is the only proof that will remain that I was here. Live it well.


Finally... once again... I nailed you guys with the Fluffer bit. You sickos!!! How could you??? Well... I know how you could... because I would have too. So do the right thing since T's time is almost up and tell her how FABULOUS her blog is and how it really should be seen here...

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