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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Did I Say That?

BBS. Three letters you never hear about today. It stood for Bulletin Board System. Users would dial directly in through a landline and reach a BBS where they had membership and could post about things and conversate. I was a regular at quite a few, Telamasca, Bigfeet, and Kryptonite Kondums to name a few. Then came the Internet and gobbled the independant BBS's up.

Over time Internet Forums developed to replace these same systems only with much more inter-connectivity. I got into forums that I found interesting. I used to be a big time poster over on the RealmWorx Forums (Bulleting Boards). RealmWorx basically specialized in building communities around games such as MechWarrior, Mage Knight, and DuelMasters. I am a tabletop gamer and as a Scrye Magazine freelancer it helped to hear what other people thought instead of just those at my game spot. These were very very topic specific forums... and always lacked variety in one way or another.

So the other day I got turned onto a really cool new forum with lots of variety. No... no giant battling robots or dragons being conjured up out of nowhere. The person responsible for putting the idea together is T... and with a little help from Miss Ann Thrope there is now Did I Say That?

This is the forum for people who say anything. You really should come one over and check it out... bloggers and non-bloggers are welcome!
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