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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Mega Powerful Post

This is a MEGA powerful post. Every now and then I read one of these and it puts a knot in my stomach because I can relate a little too closely to it. How do I relate to this one? I worked the South Bronx for 2 years. The thing about the South Bronx is that there is roughly 1,000,000 people living in a 15 square mile radius and 90% are on public assistance. The South Bronx has a higher birth rate than the entire borough of Manhattan. It also has the highest infant mortality rate. Read this post to understand what I'm talking about.

It has also made me think about a flip side to that coin. About the children who no longer have a mother. In that category... I am very lucky. My mom is still around to kick my ass and smack me upside the head when I curse at the dinner table. I can still buy her flowers and knick knacks and all the other things that mother's enjoy. There are others who can't say the same.

Thinking about you Kev... your mom is proud of you.
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