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Friday, May 12, 2006

The Friday Drama Update

Normally I combine my Friday postings into one... but this week I'm changing things around a little bit to try and live up to my new banner campaign:

So the goal is going to be two posts a day... hopefully neither long and arduous. This is just a change in blogging style I am consciously going to try out if for no other reason than shear boredom. Oh and yes Gidget... that actually is me on the left... and me on the right... go figure.

So now for the update. Well let's start with The Nick. So she's back from Canada (eh?) and Musclehead is back from California (like ya know?). Now at the beginning she was being relatively pissy with me... although she did bring me back a cool Zippo from Canada (I'm a Zippo collector amongst other things) and I had to work the Red Hot Chilli Peppers album party at Irving Plaza with her this past Monday night. Now the Chilli Peppers looked, sounded, and as usual were great... and she was actually in a somewhat joyful mood too. So it turns out that Musclehead has been grovelling for mercy since she apparently refuses to talk to him after his curtness while in Cali. His misery makes her happy... which is great for me because that means that I'm not the one being made miserable for her enjoyment. That was until last night.

See, Dani is coming to America. She is The Nick's friend in Canada. So I told The Nick she has to hook me up... it isn't often you get the chance to make it with a Jamaican Canadian, eh? So tonight she tells me that Dani said if I played my cards right... she might stay... but then The Nick said she will not allow Dani anywhere near me and if I go near her she'll break my knees. So I am left with the WTF question. Then she comes onto this whole thing about how she can't stand it when someone she loves loves someone more... and she doesn't want to talk about it. Of course all this is over IM... and in person she did show me her Canadian trip pics... and that Dani... grrrrr. Who needs knees? They're overrated!

So tonight I get home and catch The Nick online while I'm playing some poker to unwind. I have to be in early tomorrow... possibly to be fired... because today we were told of a pending "re-organization"... so instead of my noon start I have to be in at 9:00am. I'm digressing and this is turning into a long and arduous post... so we start talking briefly and she has this "suspicion" that I'm in love with someone else. So I had to explain it to her in these terms: I would love to win lotto... but I'm a realist... so realistically I need a job... and hopefully I can have a job that I can love so that even if I do win lotto I would still want to do it. I think at this point... The Nick understood what I was saying. So who does she think my dream person was who I want to wake up next to each and every morning instead of her? Well it surely isn't this:


Life with the Ooompa Loompas carries on. Ooompa Loompa 1 has started school and so far is balancing everything. Ooompa Loompa 2 is full of attitude lately... seeing as how her loser of an ex-boyfriend has finally left the homestead but the Pretty One has decided to stay where he is with his baby's mother. I really hate that term... baby's mother or baby's daddy... I find it degrading. I like sperm donor better... it makes you seem like you got paid instead of being the one paying. Yet I digress...

So now we come to The Steff and The Donkey saga. So The Donkey went to Ireland last week for a wedding. He was due to come home this Friday. Now I kind of knew that when he got back their "official status" would be forthcoming... The Steff has deaded EVERYONE else leaving only him in her "stable". Well he came back this past Monday instead of Friday. As for their status... well this should give you a clue:

Unfortunately... I also have knowledge that the relationship was consumated. How do I know? The Steff kicked me off her BJ Wholesale Warehous Club Membership where I am listed as "household member" (hey... best friendship has its privledges ya know?) and put him on. Kicked to the curb... now I need to find someone with a membership or I face paying full price for my Rice Chex. She wouldn't do that to me.

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