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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Blogger Hate

Some people may be seeing this and think that I am about to unleash a spew of hate and profane profanity on a person who is a blogger. Not true. What I am talking about is the platform upon which you are currently reading these words... Blogger the service. Believe it or not I have been a Blogger member since October of 2004. I had a typical little blog with a BTOD that I did for quite literally 2 months. I averaged maybe a posting every three or four days. Nothing spectacular and nothing involved.

Then in November of last year I came back to Blogger to try and exercise the demons of writer's block and knock out the bricks in the wall. To a degree my self therapy has had its success in that I am now writing every day... although not necessarily on the projects I want to complete quickly. I used Blogger because I already had it and it was easy to use. Another really nice feature I discovered was the Moblogging... where you can send an e-mail that will post itself to your blog. That for me is huge, especially if I get sent out on a deployment.

I always read about how people hate Blogger. Sure it has its faults... like downtime, crappy backlinks, slow loads, no way to subscribe to comments, crappy word verification letters that trip people up, and of course template limitations. Normally I become a gigantic advocate... I mean any service that is free is for me... and any service willing to host this Tangerine Nightmare template I cobbled together can't be all bad.

But I will be honest. I have been looking at other blogs. There are quite a few out there but the two I see most often are WordPress and Expression Engine. For some reason I just can't feel Movable Type at all... sorry. So after some serious thoughts and consideration... I am still left with a feeling of eh... which would I choose? Because now not only is it about choosing a platform but also about choosing a host and what not. WordPress does offer free hosting... but let's face it... they would have the same problems as Blogger and if I'm going to make the jump... I may want my own URL.

So here's the question... what do you think about Blogger vs. WordPress vs. Expression Engine? Why?

If you want to see some examples of some blogs that have inspired me to seriously consider this check out Miss Ann (who by the way has also taken me in for the week after hearing my sniveling cries for a place) for Expression Engine and Fat Penguin for Word Press.
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