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Friday, May 19, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant and Landlords and The Friday Drama Update

It is once again that time of the week where I honor my tenant. This week's guest of honor is Some Girl. Have you figured it out about her yet? Well you should be looking closely... VERY closely. Just don't get too close because she has now joined a Kickball League... and she packs Some wallop!!! Go see her and tell her how much you love the fact that she's staying with me!

Unlike last week, I have quite a few people I'd like to thank for letting me stay at their places. I guess my outcry worked a bit because Angels and Demons, The Adventures of Doghouse Reilly, and my current roomy here Some Girl all took me in this week. The first person to take me in last week as I was teetering on tired paws was Miss Ann Thrope. Miss Ann had mentioned the fact that she had read my Rent My Blog Analysis and wanted to know how she ranked. Well my stay over there isn't over yet... and I will be providing an update to that expose'... but preliminarily I have to saw WOW!!! I think we will be having a new Queen of Rent My Blog.

Finally... I want to make mention of another blogger who I really feel for. Stephanie over at I Ended Up Here... How? has had problems renting space on blogs. I know how that feels... I'm about a 1 rental for every 10 bids I place. So go see Stephanie, seeing as how she's a bit homeless right now... or even better... if she bids on your blog give her a home! Her credits are good!!! Really!


Now for the Friday Drama Update... which I know no one really cares about but me... but that's okay because this is my blog and I'll write about it if I want to!

So The Nick has been having some health issues lately. Saturday was a migraine, Monday was the sniffles, last night and tonight a full blown cold... so she's been miserable. Not really miserable to me... but just miserable in general. Monday night, while hanging with the Pyro Guys Reid and Kevyn, well the three of us (she wasn't included) decided we will no longer call Musclehead by Musclehead. Instead we will now call him Goldberg... after Bill Goldberg the former wrestler. Needless to say... he is still being held at bay. However, tonight I was privy to a text message she received. It was short, sweet, to the point of I miss you... from Reid the Pyro Guy. I sense an explosion waiting to happen.

Things with The Donkey and The Steff continue to progress. For the first time in a long time I sense general happiness from her... which is very important. What is more impressive, is that she met his mom. Now what you have to understand is that NO ONE meets Mama Donkey. I met her once 8 years ago by chance... and in the 11 years I've known him I can honestly say I've never been over his house. So the fact that she met his mom is HUGE. She did admit that they almost got into a borderline fight over their meeting.

The Steff is very sensitive about these types of things (families... she is very very very family oriented)... and Mama Donkey also seems the nervous type. So that night Donkey's sister wasn't feeling well and called in dead from going to dinner with them... which made Mama Donkey flinch... and The Steff hyperventlate thinking Mama didn't want to meet her. Luckily, The Donkey pulled the rabbit out of the hat and instead of going out to dinner, they just brought some carrot cake home. As predicted by myself while stirring some tea leaves Mama Donkey loves The Steff and vice versa.

Now for a final bit of drama... remember The Steff's New Guy B who got deaded awhile ago? Well he was best friends with my old partner Sir Shortness's boyfriend. So Sir Shortness calls me yesterday. She's been out for a few months now with a back injury... and it turns out that she needs surgery. Not a simple procedure either... the type where they cut her throat open, push aside her trachea and esophogaus, and then repair her damaged vertebrae that way. It's a C3-C4 compression fracture for those who care.

So of course I tell her not to worry about going to and coming from the surgery... hell I only have 150 ambulances at my command on a daily basis so I think I can get her a ride... but then she starts crying on the phone. She's scared. Oh hell... I'd be scared too. She does tell me that her and her boyfriend are still going, and she says that he isn't up her ass like her past boyfriends and that's good, and I know she's lying. She needs him to be there... and he isn't. We finally get off that topic and onto her cat Jack, and a few dozen other things... and then she mentions The Steff and asked if I still talk to her... idiot I am doesn't realize it and says, "Oh yeah at least once a day." (which is sort of true... well... we talk to each other's voicemails alot)... and then I realize what's next... New Guy B. So as she starts asking me about The Steff I signal to eVil... and he pages me overhead for a STAT... phew! That's a conversation I hope to avoid for a long time.


In non-drama related news though... this week was National EMS Week. Tonight there was an awards ceremony... and seeing as how I LOVE those... I boycotted. I did hear from my other old partner and long time friend Freakzilla that I got a standing ovation though and they threw a classic picture of me in front of the Hemphill Town sign up on the screen. Of course I had provided the picture but didn't know what it was being used for. No one had bothered to check if I would be there... and it took a minute for them to realize I wasn't there. I find it incredulous that these people really have absolutely no idea how I am after 12 years.

Of course by the time they realized I wasn't coming, Freakzilla had taken to the stage to accept on my behalf. His acceptance speech was very eloquent and this is EXACTLY what he said, "On behalf of Dog I would like to accept this. He wants to thank all those who went with him and a big A-WOOF to everyone who he hopes to see in twelve days and counting for the next season!"

That's my nigga. I wouldn't have said it better myself.
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