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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Some One New At The Pile

Ladies and Gentleman... Mrs. T has left the building. It was a very tearful goodbye actually. We sat and talked while she packed her leopard skin bag. I begged her not to go... but Mr. T wasn't having her spend another week with the Dog here at APODB. It's almost as if he thinks I was pimping her out or something while wearing a red pimp coat and fedora... makes you wonder right?

So we get to the door, I give her a goodbye lick (on the hand you pervs!) and off she went. She hadn't even hit the curb yet when the mob started. Apparently word is out that this is the place to be. Maybe it's the cheap rent... maybe it's the flat screen tv... maybe its the free licks I give you while your here... probably because everyone knows I'm a pimp and it's hard out here for us ya know?

I saw an awful lot of familiar faces and this was really the first week where picking someone actually took some time... and of course while I was deciding more people showed up and caused a scene right out of MTV's Super Sixteen show. Through the crowd though... one face stood out to me... it was someone I've read for awhile... someone who is sweeter than cherry pie (and everyone knows how I love me some pie)... someone who was there for the Dog when the Dog was down... that's right... it was Some Girl.

So I've been reading Jul *COUGH* *COUGH* Some Girl for awhile now. At first glance she gives off the impression of just being some other blog, by some other girl, in some other town, and living some other life. There is alot more to it though... and maybe not everyone can see it... so go over there and be sure to look closely. For those of you who don't get it... well I'll tell you when her time's up if you MUST know.

Unfortunately, I had to turn these nice people away... so do the right thing and go see them... and tell them not to worry... the space will be open again in only a week.
Oh and by the way... after the GNR show tonight... I actually have found a bit more respect for Axl... maybe something magical WILL actually happen. Lord knows I won't be holding my breath for the miracle of Scott Weiland getting clean and bringing STP back from the grave.
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