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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Finally!!! It's here!!!

Sabine County, Texas Medivac
June 1 is upon us. That means... yes my friends... it is now officially Hurricane Season!!! Right now as you read this somewhere there is a tropical depression ready to wreak mayhem and anarchy on the United States. Woo-hoo!!! So let's go down the checklist for deployment shall we...

Hurricane Hounds Away!!!
That's right... I really have no definite way to blog while I'm away if I go away. One of the reasons I stuck with Blogger for so long was because they allowed you to do "moblogging" using e-mail. The truth is I have no definite way to send e-mails or anything. There are zero guarantees. So because of that... if I drop off the face of the blogosphere suddenly... don't panic. Don't go leaving me comments wishing me back unless you mean it, or divying up my bandwidth, or submitting me to MyDeathSpace. In the words of Douglas McArthur, "I will return!".

Of course if for some reason my Life Status bar goes black... well... chances are I'm gone and buried already. At that point Luin needs to get Flava Flav back in action for my wake. I want a 21 blog salute... and someone needs to put this bitch out of her misery for me... small penis... hmmpf... if she only knew the damage my mighty mile monstered purple helmeted warrior of love would do... she wouldn't be so Sassy after that... more like Bo-legged.

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For those of you living in Hurricane prone states... don't forget about flood insurance... and even though FEMA gaffed it up last year please read their recommendations for this year on preparedness. I've been following their releases for awhile, and they seem to have gotten an awful lot of ground covered in a short time... but there are still miles to go. The first step is personal preparedness... are you ready?
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