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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

FOAD Thursday!!! Thank the Heathens!!!

So it is yet another Thursday here at APODB... and I will continue with my Fuck Off And Die participation. Sorry for last week's departure from it... but T was doing an upstanding job entertaining the masses while I played with my pain meds. So my first FOAD goes to all of you who (if there were any?) didn't like T's handiwork last week and were expecting a rant and rave on the ambient fuckery that continues to pervade my world. I do this for me... not you... the fact I entertain is a side benefit for us all.

So my next FOAD would go to... right... my dentist! See yesterday I spent three hours in the chair. Three long, arduous, painful hours being drilled and hammered and impressed upon for my permanaent crowns. I still owe about 1k left on the 15k bill... and so after three hours of TORTURE what kind of pain meds does he give me??? Advil. Over the mofo counter Advil. Oh hello!!! You just spend three hours in my mouth... I already paid you 14k... can't you come up with something a little better??? Like how about some freakin' vicodin!!! Thank goodness I had a few left over from my LAST three hour ordeal with the sadist... and thank goodness that my homey in Risk Management tossed me a percoset. So I was slurring a little today giving out a chest pain... big deal... it got out didn't it?... and I even did it while posting on the forum! I'm a multi-tasking machine baby!!! Call me Windows WD!!! So to my dear loving tooth drilling dentist... FOAD... I'll be done with you soon... then six months of freedom 'til my check-up... 'cause if you think I was sinking this much money into my grill to let it squander... you got another thing coming... and you better rethink about withholding the vicodins... 'cause I'll knock ya da fuck out next time!

So my next FOAD goes out to the moron in Dunkin' Donuts. Once again... I order the same thing everyday. It's a French Vanilla ice coffee, light with cream, and 4 Splendas. This is not rocket science. So when I walk in... and my cheeks are three times the size they are... and I'm talking kinda funny... and I POINT TO THE FUCKING ICE COFFEE ON THE MAT WHAT DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!!! Thankfully for you your non-english speaking illegal immigrant co-worker has a clue you dumbass fucktard! I hate white boys who think they're above a legal working job. Go graduate high school and maybe you can figure out how to make a decent coffee. FOAD D&D moron!!!

My next FOAD goes to my wonderful little Blogger service. What the hell is happening here guys? Downtime is on the rise. Posts are disappearing. Images are taking a fukton of years to load. I have always been an arduent supporter and defender of the Blogger Way... but today took the cake for me. So here's what I say to you... a big old FOAD to you guys!!! One more unannounced issue and I'm shoppin' round for a new host!

Finally... I have a huge FOAD... one that has been building all week... see Bitter Bitch reviewed a blog over at IT2M here (the second one to be exact)... and Bitter as always came through hugely in this review... but this blog has the AUDACITY to state they are "...on assignment from God to be a good helper to my husband and to train up my children with the Fear and Admonition of the Lord!..." Now this bothered me. In fact I commented at IT2M that it bothers me and the reason is that there were 19 guys (20 but one got busted and is being gang raped by multiple Bubba's in a Virgina Fed Pen as we speak) who had made the same statement, flew 3 planes into 3 buildings and 1 plane into a field in PA, but most importantly changed the lives of millions if not billions of people FOR THE WORSE. This blog so irked me I admit I trafficed it a few times as my rage built.

In addition to the above statement I saw this part that really boiled me more, "I am here to share the Truth to an entire generation trained not to notice and blinded by lies." I did not read one single post in there that was any truer than those that believed on 06.06.06 Satan's son was being born and they waited at maternity ward doors with holy water and crucifix daggers . I don't make it a habit of bashing someone else's beliefs. I think everyone is entitled to believe in whoever or whatever you want as long as it is not propaganda to do harm unto others. I'd even back the Kool-Aid throwing partiers of Jim Jones except for the fact that they involved their children and THAT is doing harm unto others assmunches. Those Heaven's Gate guys were a-okay in my book. So here is what I would like to tell all of you who consider yourselves on an "assignment from God"... take your assigment... crumble it into a nice ball... shine it up real nice... turn it sideways... and STICK IT STRAIGHT UP YOUR CANDY ASSES!!! You want the "truth"... YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH (Iknow... I know... but it is SUCH a good ass line)... which is why you cower behind your IDOLS (yes assholes... that crucifix in there is an idol no matter what bs argument you want to make), and your ASSIGNMENTS, and say it is all for "His Glory"!!! Well FOAD glory dick seeking hounds... you wanna do some real saving... go learn some CPR... and keep the souls of your fellow man out of the clutches of the netherworld. Fucktards.

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