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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ooogle Monday With A Little FOAD On The Side

I would guess I'm currently operating at roughly 75% capacity right now... so maybe a little Ooogle Monday action can help me out!!! As an ode to my Ubekistan Nurse's Aide who gave me that sponge bath...

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... yes fellas... it was worth it. Now for the ladies I figured I would follow the lead of People Magazine who named this guy the most eligible and hottest bachelor...

Soul Patrol

... so those of you who have read me for awhile may be asking "When has NYC Watchdog ever followed anyone else's lead? " Right... especially not those fucktards at People. What the hell do they know? So I am calling upon all the machismo I have in reserve in my name and every other single guy out there who happens to be NORMAL and sending this FOAD to the editorial staff at People responsible for that CRIME...

Hey Hypnotic Specter... stare at this would ya?

But I need to keep my harem happy... and in a conversation earlier this week/weekend... I will admit that this is probably the sexiest guy around and if I were to ever flip that AC/DC switch it would be for him...

The Catcher

... but he's catching. Ya dig? Keep Monday rolling with some laughter from him!
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