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Monday, June 19, 2006

The Cup Runneth Over in Carolina and Randomness

Congratulations go to the Hurricanes from North Carolina (formerly known as the Hartford Whalers for those who haven't watched the NHL since 1997) and their very first win of Lord Stanley's Cup for the franchise. This series was one of much contention, including tonight's delayed penalty call with 4 seconds left in the first period where a penalty shot should have been awarded, but it was well worth it. While the NY Rangers will always be #1 in my heart... any team named the Hurricanes is okay in my book.

Today was probably the busiest day for me since I've been home. I had lunch with The Steff before she took me to see my doctor for a follow-up visit. Then I had to have her drag me to a diagnostic lab to get blood work done. Once that comes back tomorrow I should be unrestricted from work and able to drive myself around once again. Tonight I watched the aforementioned game with my brother, father, and uncle at my cousin's house. It was a nice little get together of men laying on couches passing potato chip bags through the air. We actually haven't seen my cousin in over a year. He's working private security for a corporation over in Iraq and surprised my uncle with a trip home. He leaves again in two weeks but he says he's getting paid very well which is good for him. It makes Blackwater all that more appealing.

I'd like to make everyone aware of a Blogger Movement meant to honor the victims of September 11, 2001. D.C. Roe is organizing 2,996. Basically if you as a blogger sign up they will give you the name of one of the 2,996 victims of the 9/11 attacks. Then on the 5th Anniversary this year, you will blog about that victim. To be honest... I'm very torn about the whole thing... because while I think the whole thing is a very noble cause... I know quite a few names on that list and it would be hard to ask for only one or for that matter not do any of them. But please check out 2,996 and if you can, I think participating in it is a good thing... just not sure if it's for me.

On a final note... this post will be #257 on this blog... but in reality it's #248 for me because there are 9 posts done on here by other bloggers/tyrants. I had a plan for #250... but I think I have to scrap it for now. Things and timing just haven't worked out. So when #250 comes... well it's going to probably suck... so maybe I won't mention it afterall. I still plan on doing what I originally wanted to do... so figure something very cool will be happening very shortly...
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