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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Yo estoy un perro loco

The title of this post comes from my favorite blogging chica. We've been hassling each other all day at Did I Say That? after she re-activated me cause I was a bad doggy. If you haven't been to Did I Say That? yet then you really better go... and if your already there... well there are a few new things up you might be interested in.

One of the things I hate about being out of it for a few days is you miss some good posts... like this one over at DC Mr. Anthrope. He followed that post up with this one. Allow me to synopise for those not in a clicky mood... in the first post he basically goes off on all the beautiful female cartoon blog templates out there, basically then says the blogger is probably ugly, but there's nothing wrong with that. Then he rips into GUYS who go comment happy thinking they're looking at a blogger in the 'toon, basically looking for a date. The next post he rips into Slumlord Scottage who commented on the previous post that yeah he flirts because it's fun, and the image is part of who they want to be, and in real life he's shy, blah blah blah. So DC Mr. Anthrope then goes on comparing those blogs to a game of Dungeouns & Dragons and that's not how blogs are traditionally done.

Now see the first post... well I hear ya about those 'toons... alot of them are sexy and designed that way on purpose... but I don't have a problem with that or blame any bloggers who use them. If I had enough gumption I could prove how "pretty" blogs will always get more readers/comments than the "ugly" blogs. In a place where content should be king... well in truth it rarely is. Nor do I fault any guys who drool over the 'toons. In fact... if I was inclined to wack one... I would definately do her... the slutty skin one... see??? She's already in my favorite position, is wearing thigh highs, and she has red hair. It doesn't get much 'toony better than that!

The second post is where my loconess will come out a bit... specifically the part where he says, "Blogging certainly doesn't help someone get over shyness. I'd guess it actually exacerbates shyness." Right. Your guess... and a bad one. For someone who suffers from shyness any social interaction... including Internet interaction is good. While I agree that it should not REPLACE actual physical interaction, it's therapeutic augmentation is nearly priceless for those who stutter or have trouble making eye contact.

However this little gem is what set the Watchdog sirens off:
Second, but relatedly, traditional blogging isn't about fantasy worlds. That's what Dungeons and Dragons is for. I'm not saying you can't write fiction in your blogs, but if you do, you should probably make it clear you're doing so.
Traditional blogging. I'm sorry... are you trying to argue the case those nuts are about how blogging dates back to Thomas Paine and his flyers? Blogging is not in any way shape or form traditional. In fact, if it was traditional, there would be NO blogs whatsoever. Instead we would be writing in notebooks, leather clad journals, or legal pads. Maybe we'd write on plain paper and be going to the copy shop at midnight for the $.09 copies, make a few dozen, and mail them out to friends. Oh shit... wait... there's already something called that... they're called 'Zines.

Fantasy worlds. First, lay the fuck off the D&D reference you unimaginative cretin. D&D is but one game in a genre of hundreds... but you wouldn't know that because you did ZERO research and instead looked for that cheap social pop. So now I want to see your birth certificate... the one that has your name as DC Mr. Anthrope. Yeah... right... 'cause if you really thought my mom named me NYC Watchdog, then your living in your own fantasy world too... roll them D20's and hope you make that saving throw. Fucktard. While I agree with the James Frye clause if your blog is a pure work of fiction... I think it's a safe assumption that for the most part we write under aliases and we write things how we see them, or remember them, which may also be construed as an OPINION... not a fantasy.

Someone said it once... probably on the forum... and if I could remember who it was I would give them credit for it... but let's face it... our personal sections of the blogosphere basically amounts to MySpace for Grownups. The social interaction is limited, there is generally a large degree of creativity taken here, the pics may be that of cartoons but they are enticing eye candy, we have stalkers and trolls, and of course we have fucktards and asshats. I think that's really a great comparison... and find it truer every day.

My point in this... and even though I hate to admit it because I think Slumlord Scottage is one of those fucktards... is that your blog is what you make it. If you want to live out the fantasy of an alter-ego... go right the fuck ahead. If you want to write about politics... go right the fuck ahead. If you want to write about something someone posted you disagree with... go right the fuck ahead. The blogosphere as a whole will be what we all make of it. So make it your best... or worst... but make it yours.
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