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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Honoring They New Tenant, Landlords, and the Friday Drama Update

So it is once again Friday where I Honor Thy Tenant and Thy Landlords. Well I don't have a current Tenant yet... when I do it will be her because no one seems to want to rent to her and I think that's wrong because her blog is pretty cool... and she knows Peace and Love (which by the way got featured here). I do want to say goodbye to Jalapeno Burns. Thanks for the 80's nostalgia and the laughs... and the TUMS. It was a good time. Since I was convalescing... well I didn't stay anywhere else this week. I also didn't really agressively try to rent except from Diner Bitch who still won't rent to me... but that's okay... I'm trying to shed a few pounds and staying over there for a week with all that souvlaki may be detrimental to that cause.


As for the Drama Update. Well last Saturday The Steff dragged me around with her to the craft store and then we went to Johnny Rockets (fucking yum). We picked up a scrapbook and some stuff at the craft store. Luckily they had those safety scissors for her just in case... The Steff is a blonde at heart don't ya know? Then I showed her how to do the whole Snapfish thing so she could get the prints of her photos for the scrapbook.

Monday we had lunch at the diner before she took me to the doctor's to get cleared. She was telling me about how The Donkey got sea sick when her father broke the reefs on Sunday while fishing. Nothing like making your boyfriend puke his guts out right? Donkey's and water just don't mix. She took me to the doctor, and then for my blood work right after. She's been the absolute greatest while I've been under the weather getting me out of the house and bringing me Ice Coffee. One of the things I have to love and adore about The Steff is that she's there when I need her... but she also knows when to leave me be.

Wednesday night when I was talking to her on the phone she was cleaning while The Donkey was on her laptop. She made mention that the photos had arrived and she wanted to do the scrapbook... but she didn't want to do it alone. Uh-oh. He's right fucking there. Now I could have signed on and quietly IMed The Donkey to put that shit away and go scrapbooking... but instead I told her to tell him to get the fuck off the computer and spend some time with her. At some point she needs to learn to open her mouth and say what's on her mind... especially since if she becomes miserable I'm breaking his legs.

On The Nick front, well her best Jamaican/Canadian friend is coming to New York tonight. She has this whole itinerary planned out... which includes various hot spots around the city and touristy things to do. There has been no mention of Musclehead/Goldberg... although she has been relatively friendly with some cop she met sometime last week when she was supposedly on her way to visit me in the hospital. But hey... she did get me a Cookies'N'Cream Ice Cream Cake from Baskin Robbins... so all is forgiven.

The Ooompa Loompas have apparently dropped off the face of the planet. Not sure what's going on with them... and The Southern Hellcat has once again resurfaced from the void insisting that we go to the movies this weekend. I have better things to do... like hanging out with a recent pre-school graduate and seeing Cars... probably with Christine and her daughter. So I guess you can say I'm going on a double date...


For a bit of closure to yesterdays FOAD... well the showdown at the BOTB Corral happened...

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