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Saturday, July 01, 2006

A New Tenant and The Ozzman Cometh

So since RevRee left I had some space here at APODB which as you all know I am happy to share. Normally I don't keep myself out to rent for long, but I had something happen this morning that only allowed me to get around to it this morning. There were quite a few people looking for a place, and as you know if I could take them all I would have... but then he got involved. Right... the Little Dude In The Red hat pushed me out of the way and escorted her right in.

In case your either new to blogging or have been blogging under a stone with Windows 74, her name is Miss Ann Thrope. She's been here before and I've always tried to rent to different people, so now she ties Stephanie at Mystical for the most stays (2) here at APODB. If you like what you see here... you'll LOVE her stuff. She subscribes to my peace and love mentality but instead of using cheesy graphics to do it she shows it through her intellectual wit and humor. So why did LDITRH escort her right in? Well she was a supporter in the "Blogger Toon Controversy"... and LDITRH is really feeling her toon... so needless to say he has something to Ooogle for the week. Want a better view? Click here.


About this morning... I am so psyched about it... one of the guys I work with called Squirrel called me at around 6:30am. Squirrel runs the Special OPS division where I am so technically I work for him on a somewhat regular basis... which is how he had my home phone as well as my cell because lord knows that cell isn't waking me up from my beauty sleep. So he tells me to be at this 8:00am meeting "or your comeback tour is being put on hold indefinately."

Now I've known Squirrel a long time, and he wouldn't be sending me on some BS run, so I went with eager anticipation. When I got there, I discovered that a bid he had submitted for a contract apparently had gone through. I kinda figured that was it, but I expected him to handle it personally. Afterall... my comeback tour was his as well. However, because of personal differences (which is why for three years we were denied something we practically gave birth to), one of the overseers had declared NO SQUIRRELS ALLOWED. Therefore... I'm repping Squirrel both in the meetings and for the fulfillment of the contract. I'm not sweating it because I've done it before although I really hate those meetings. What is it? Well allow me to just say hide the bats because on July 29th... the Ozzman cometh...
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