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Friday, June 30, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant and Landlords and The Friday Drama Update

Well it's Friday again!!! So it is now time to honor my tenant RevRee who is also leaving. I appreciate Rev's staying here while I was feeling meh. I think it was good to have someone else who shows the peace and love so well entertain you all. So thanks RevRee... and come again!

This week I had a few nice people who took me in, so I'd like to pay homage to Slightly Drunk, my former roomie here at APODB Noi Rocker at Voicing My Thoughts!, and none other than Gidget Bones' hubby Dark Marcy. Thanks for giving me a place to rest my paws this week!!!


Now onto the Friday Drama Update that no one reads or cares about but me... so The Nick's Canadian friend came in for a visit. Apparently this SO upset The Nick's world that she forgot to tell me that Mel's baby shower was Saturday... so I missed it. Sunday night I went to dinner with The Nick, The Canuck, and The Steff. We went to a local brick-oven pizza restaurant that we all pretty much enjoy. Afterwards we went and hung out at The Steff's house where one of the things we joked about was what if The Canuck missed her train?

Let's face it... The Nick is not the most ontime person. In fact... she's downright late everywhere she goes. This has become the norm for her... and for someone who is ontime or early to everything I do (well just about) it drives me insane. So we were joking about what would happen if The Canuck missed the train... like what kind of job would she be able to do... what kind of life she would be able to lead... and all I'm thinking in the back of my mind is it'll be one more illegal for me to call INS on.

So guess what? Yeah... The Canuck missed her train Wednesday. So on the way to the dentist I get the text and the question What do I do now? My answer was... plane. Cold hearted? Maybe... but hey... I was on the way to the dentist. Of course what complicates this all was The Nick had to work that night... and I felt an imminent bang out coming. Had it happened... I would have lost my mind. Aside from being short staffed as it is... I was at the dentist that day before work for pete's sake!!! Luckily The Nick found a place for her last night and saw her onto her train Thursday morning.

So did I mention that, aside from loving The Steff to death, The Donkey and I have a few other things in common but not everything. Monday is his birthday and The Steff didn't know what to get him... then she did know what to get him but didn't know how to get it. So yeah... the reason I bid on that signed Axl Rose picture isn't because I suddenly need a picture of him... it was for her to give to him. Hopefully it shows up in time... and if not... well he'll just have to take an IOU. Personally I would ask for something more substantial... like a STFU t-shirt. Tough shit Donkey bitch... but wait til you see what I got ya... hehehehehe.

In addition, there's news on the Zooted and Polluted front. Well... she isn't graduating this month. She'll have to wait until August after summer school. I think I'm going to have to threaten to break her legs if she doesn't pass... then again that won't do much good... I'll have to threaten to break her bong.

That pretty much wraps it up. Well for those of you with lives and are going away, or are already on vacation this weekend, enjoy it. At some point when you have a cold one in hand, hoist it into the air, and in the finest tradition of Death's Destruction give me the official toast... "Here's to NYC Watchdog sitting alone at APODB... sucking my dick."
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