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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

1 and 3/4

1 and 3/4. That was how much hot dog separated the United States from it's prodigal son... the Mustard Yellow Belt. At the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Takeru Kobayashi at 53 and 3/4 hot dogs, defeating his own world record of 53 and 1/2. Joey Chestnut, the American favorite who was threatening to de-belt Kobayashi and bring the title home to the United States after a 5 year hiatus, consumed 52.

Sonya Thomas, having been given the nickname of "The Black Widow" (which I am thinking is the default nickname given to any threatening Asian female in a sport since I can think of a few different ones), had a good showing but lacked the gumption to get the job done.

While it was a good showing for the United States, the Mustard Yellow Belt will reside for another year in Japan. For more details you can visit the International Federation of Competitive Eating. I'm going to go break my own record of chili dogs in hope of unleashing a hell fury towards the Far East.

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