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Friday, July 07, 2006

Honoring Thy Tenant, Landlords, and the Friday Drama Update

So it is once again that time of the week where I pay tribute to my tenant and thank those grascious enough to let me stay with them.

So first is my tenant, Miss Ann Thrope. To honor her and the little fuscia haired vixen LDIRH has been so smitten with... allow me to educate you on her name... or my interpretation of it. Her name really is not Ann nor is it Thrope. However if your ever become so brazen as to address her or send an e-mail (she LOVES mail) you should always call her Miss Ann. The name itself is (99% chance) derived from the word misanthropy which is a general hatred of the human race. So if a feeling of misanthopy ever comes over you... revel in the fact that you have a kindered soul in Miss Ann Thrope... and that fuscia haired vixen. Just a little educational tribute there.

This week I have left LDIRH with the fuscia haired vixen and have grabbed a piece of flying carpet at the Infamous Izzy's Pixie Dust and the one and only Geeky Dragon Girl's Confessions from a Private Lesbian. Both of them have been nice enough to let me crash while LDIRH gets his groove on and they are both very distinguished members of the forum that if you haven't gone to, well you're missing out! So go visit Izzy and Geeky and thank them for putting up with my crabbiness this week.


Now for the Friday Drama Update. Well as I already made a brief previous mention The Steff had a party Saturday for The Donkey and some other guy who both happen to be born on the same day which was Monday. There was a keg, some vodka, a bottle of Hypnotic, and some seriously good food. Of course... someone always has to cause drama... and this time it was X who decided he would boycott since The Donkey had ditched out on him for his birthday for a baseball game. Now I'm not one to talk because I ditched out on him for TOOL too... but at the same time while I understood that most people see this as childish behavior... well it was... but it's also how X rolls. I've known him for 12 years, so for anyone to expect anything different is just being unrealistic. X is how X is and I'll still love him.

Another wonderful thing happened early Monday morning. Mel had the baby... a baby girl that came in at 6 pounds 7 ounces. I was a little upset, because if it was a boy I wanted his name to be Perro. I can't force her to name a girl Perro... that would just fuck the kid up beyond how fucked up it already is going to be. Luckily the baby has Mel's fair complexion, so the question of is it Moose's or is it Santa Ana's remains unanswered. I am almost willing to pay for the DNA test... almost.

Also as previously mentioned, The Nick had a party on Tuesday. I had wanted to go... but between hail and a few other things... it just didn't happen. Of course she's pissed at me... although I tend to think she's over it by now which is good. If she was going to be holding a grudge then there would be issues because when she's a no call/no show we usually forgive and forget.

Finally, while I had 3 inches of water in my basement, well The Steff and The Donkey woke up to Mr. Hanky the Fourth of July Poo floating past their bed. Yup... the sewer had backed up and her bathroom exploded. The Donkey was good for about three minutes cleaning and then ran gagging upstairs. The Steff donned a haz-mat suit and went into her OCD mode and cleaned all that shit up. There are some times when I am just glad I am me... and that was definately one of those times.

Have a good weekend!
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