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Friday, July 14, 2006

Honoring They New Tenant, Landlords, and the Friday Drama Update

Thank God it's Friday! As usual here at APODB we will be honoring this week's Tenant and Landlord. Now my Tenant this week is just Fabulous. That's right... Mr. Fabulous. He is a Fabulous guy, with a Fabulous blog, and you know what??? You guys have been LESS than Fabulous in seeing him this week. So if you want to be Fabulous just like Mr. Fabulous well then click on over... he has hot red-headed Pixies With Attitude.

As for landlord's this week... well I have none. I was just wandering around the blogosphere this week... but I do have somewhere for you to go. I highly recommend that if you haven't checked out Did I Say That? yet then you need to. We're pretty darn close to 100 members now. There's a lot of fun that goes on over there... and I can almost guarantee that if you read here... you'll see some familiar faces...


Now for the Friday Drama Update. Not much drama cracka-lackin lately. The Steff went to see Kelly Clarkson tonight... of course The Donkey was the one who got her the tickets but only after KC provided him with the inside industry hook-up. Now had he been a REAL man, well he would have gone with her. Instead of him going like he should have... well she ended up taking Zooted and Polluted. This of course happened AFTER I suggested it because otherwise... well I probably would have been at Kelly Clarkson tonight taking my own life with a spoon.

The Nick is plodding away... we really haven't talked much... not sure why... maybe she's still mad because I didn't go July 4th to her house. The part that's killing me is there is this picture I NEED... and The Canuck has it on her camera but hasn't e-mailed the digital version yet. In a way that's good... because it makes me patient for other things that are coming.

Finally I will speak on someone I have not spoken about simply because I was hesitant since I learned she reads this blog (who the was I kidding... if you Google NYC Watchdog guess what shows up?) and it kinda makes me nervous. So Christine and I met the other day for dinner. One of the things I was whining about was dating today and how it feels so... different.

So she says to me, "Do you know why you and I could never have worked out?" Of course I'm curious as to her insight into my twisted and dark persona. If you looked at us you would seriously question why we were in the same restaurant much less at the same table... and chalk it up to either family or a blind date from hell. So I asked why. She says, "You are the greatest friend, the best person if you need something, and as selfless as they come. The problem is that you treat the people you date like you treat yourself. Like shit. You also have a problem with commitment even though you don't want to admit it."

Wow. Now besides the fact I was in the middle of eating Shepards Pie, I really didn't know what to say. I guess I had a confused look on my face and so she went on to point out when the last time was I went shopping for me. Does T-Shirt Hell count? No. Mmmm... two years ago. When was the last time I went somewhere I wanted to go for me? Last year I went to Atlantic City July 4th weekend. With other people? Mmmm... 1998 maybe. Needless to say her point was made.

As for the commitment thing she pointed out that while I am a very caring and compassionate person (these are HER words here people... NOT my own) at work, I'm really only spending 45 or so minutes with someone. Then she was kind enough to point out that while married to Pudding, I would see her at most 72 hours a week, of which 24 of them were usually spent sleeping. Glad I didn't have her as a witness at the divorce hearing. Maybe I had that doom and gloom look on my face... because then she paid!

It was an insightful and interesting dinner... and best of all it was free. What is the point to all of this and what does it have to do with the drama? It really has no point nor anything to do with the drama... and yet it has everything.

Have a good weekend.
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