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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

FOAD Thursday

It is once again Thursday... and do you know what that means? That's right... time to tell those who need to Fuck Off And Die to do so in fashion with some righteous Peace and Love!!! Before I go into my FOADs this week, guess what the inventor of FOAD has done? That's right... FOAD now has an official website at www.FOADT.com!!! Go check it out for the "official" FOAD blog paraphanelia!!!

So my first FOAD has to go to the Dunkin Donuts idiot. Still... everyday... I order the same exact thing (a large French Vanilla Ice Coffee light with cream and four Splendas)... and everyday I tell him this... and everyday my order gets SCREWED UP! Today it was Hazlenut. Yesterday it was plain. The day before he used regular milk. Need I continue? No, I didn't think so. So for practically the third time, fuck off and die Dunkin Donuts idiot... or at the very least GET A NEW JOB!

My next FOAD goes to this bitchy little blogger. See, apparently my friend Ethel discovered that she's not really a blogger at all. She's a flat out plagarist. She copies posts with links and graphics intact and then posts them as her own. I hate crap like that. I know some people don't mid it, because imitation is a great form of flatter, but that isn't imitation. That my friends is IMPERSONATION. So to that little blogger, and all the impersonators out there, a big old fuck off and die.

My next FOAD goes to those who are under this misconception that I am a vengeful and spiteful person. To actually think I would seek "revenge" on someone who for the last 10 years has been a great partner and a best friend, well your obviously delusional. In fact, I am quite the opposite. When I am wronged, I correct that wrong in a manner I see fit. If I feel I am in a position that requires me to interact or do something I may not necessarily want to do, such as reading stuff I really have no need or desire to read, I simply remove myself from that position. Do not blame me for the inability of you to put 2+2 together... or in this case partner + partner X 10 years= Same Personalities... and whatever issues you have with them, well take it up WITH them. If you feel you have an issue with me, then please feel free to take it up with me but preferably not when I'm in the back of a bus with a Zooted and Polluted patient spitting at me... so until then... FOAD k?

My next and final FOAD goes out to those who wear slacks, shirts, and ties instead of a uniform. Those who wear leather patent shoes instead of work boots. Those who think there is a science behind those in need. Those who think that image is everything. A big old Fuck Off And Die to you and yours. You may not like us... in fact I tend to think you despise us because our shirts may not be pressed, our boots may not shine like those Gucci shoes you wear, and we may not have the time to shave inbetween tours. In the end we're the ones standing inbetween the patient and the Reaper... we're the ones fighting the battles in this neverendless war that you are profiting from... we're the ones who get the job that you need done. When... and I say "when" because I honestly believe it is a matter of when as compared to a matter of "if"... you get your way well here's what the people who lose their fight with the Reaper will have to say to you...

Fuck Off And Die... Like I Did!!!

Fuck Off And Die

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