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Sunday, July 23, 2006

What Happens When You Get Mandated...

So this is what happens when one of your relief bangs out on the overnight and you have nothing to do... you think about shit to write about when you get off...


Have you ever wondered about who invented CTRL+ALT+DEL? Well I came across this post at Toxic. Apparently the person who did it was an IBM programmer David Bradley who is retiring after 29 years of service. Originally he had tried CTRL+ALT+ESC, but found it too easy to reset the computer by accident. Hmmm... makes me wonder what he was doing on his desk to make the entire left side of the keyboard depress...


You know how there are times people just disappear off the Internet, either with no updates, no e-mail replies, or their blog just one day goes *POOF*? You end up erasing them from your links or whatever 3 months later assuming they met the fate of the Real World Monster and never look back. So what happens when in six months they re-surface? How would you know? See that was always my issue. Hence why I never removed PYMMOTI from my blogroll, which by the way lists blogs by latest updates. That's right... PYMMOTI is back near the top of the roll... that's right... HAT3 is back!!! And you guys thought I was fucked in the head??? Heh... you ain't seen nothing yet...


Just when one great blogger comes back... another looks like she may pack up shop. That's right... IT2M is under Chatty Law right now. No reviews until she says so. Why? Because people see a review site and are like "Oh my, I'll get a great review and submit here!". They don't even take a minute to read the site... yet they expect the reviewers to go through all the dumb stories about Baby John, all the MeMes of how your the "Cloudy as Fuck" weather type, and of course pictures of last nights dinner that you TOTALLY overpaid for (yes the entire region of Malaysia I am referring to you) entry, after entry, after entry, after... you get the point right?

So when their review comes out, and really isn't flattering, they get all upset. Then they try to blame the reviewers and get all whiny and shit. So Ms. Chatty has had it with illiterate people who expect something for nothing. I can't say I blame her for the frustration... but to shun those who love and adore you to shut down the criticism from those light years beneath you is so... so... Eddie Vedderish. I personally hope its a temporary fit of rage and that the blogistry that has become IT2M continues.


I'm sending her an invoice for entertainment services rendered. That's all you guys need to know.


Finally, I keep running into people participating next weekend in the Blog-A-Thon. Unfortunately... due to previous commitments (OZZFEST MOTHER FUCKERS!!! I'LL BE ROCKIN' OUT WITH MY COCK OUT!!!) I am unable to participate in the Blog-A-Thon. I did sponsor some bloggers though... who I will mention later on during the week so you can support them... but in the meantime check out the Blog-A-Thon site and see who's blogging for your favorite charity and sponsor them.
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