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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mr. Pillowpants

So I got to see Clerks II last night. I loved the movie! I am a huge fan of the original as well. Which was better you may be asking? Well... the first one... still. Has the first one been ruined by the sequel? Absolutely not. In fact... if anything... it has perhaps been enhanced in its meaning of defining a counter culture. Personally, I'm all about the one liners. Those catchy snap phrases you can pick up from a movie like "Tubby Bitch" or my personal favorite...

..."37... in a row?" Yeah, I'm a cheap pop artist who enjoys the simplicity of the one-liner. Although the movie centers around Brian O'Halloran's Dante Hicks character and Jeff Anderson's Randall Graves character the show gets stolen by Jason Mewes' infamous character Jay and what I think should be an Oscar winning performance. Mewes' portrayal of a now clean and sober Jay, which is not a far cry from his own 3 year and running sobriety, left the theater in an uproar and the guy in front of me with a twice soda soaked toupe. Yes... I'm a spitter. I have an additional lust for Rosario Dawson, a new sympathy for those psycho religous freaks like Trevor Fehrman's character Elias who think girls have pussy trolls named Mr. Pillowpants that will bite your penis off if you try and have sex, and a newfound disgust for the LOTR Trilogy... because it's true... it took three movies to walk to a volcano.

Clerks II also updated itself to be cognizant of present day trends. One of the most obvious ways it did this was by being in color. The movie starts off in black & white... but in the opening sequence it changes to color a la Wizard of Oz style. Another cutsie method was Randall's newfound hobby of mocking (trolling) a handicapped blogger who has a blog at WHEELIEBLOG.ORG (which by the way is a real URL but is a set-up strictly for the movie... there really is no real handicapped blogger behind it... but there is a message from DarthRandall) and teasing him about how "walking is over-rated" and how he prefers to "drive to the corner". It was kind of weird to me... because in a way it was making trolling cool... which it so is not. So yeah... I'll disagree with that part... although Dante did a good job of disagreeing with it too.

So when all was said and done... I was pleased that writer/director Kevin Smith stayed true to the basis of the "counter culture"... and at the same time was able to make an elegant societal statement on a topic most of his movies intertwine themselves with but fail to deliver a clearly defined message... that singular accomplishments cannot compare with what you can accomplish with your friends.


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