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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

FOAD Thursday

Guess what today is? Nope... MTV's birthday was August 1, and yes I totally ignored it on purpose because anyone that calls themselves Music Television should may play some videos... guess again? Nope... it isn't Ooogle Monday you perverts. It is Fuck Off And Die Thursday!!! How could you all forget? It's okay... I forgive and forget relatively easy... so let's begin...

My first FOAD goes out to MTV. Yes... that's right... I really don't give a shit how old you are... because in reality you already died. Like every other conglomerate corporate monger you have forsaken the very purpose of your being and have decided to push the music aside and let scripting and has-been reality people take over the air. Just fuck off MTV... because you already died.

My next FOAD goes out to the little turd who knocked out Greg "Fossilman" Raymer from the WSOP Day 2B. You may have outplayed Fossilman for one hand... but you still have a long way to go. I can only hope that Chris Moneymaker waxes your ass with Ducks against your Big Slick.

My next FOAD goes out to the Con Edison. Now if it wasn't bad enough that these guys left 29,300+ people live without power for 10 days... they under reported the outage for the first 5 days as only approximately 2,500 customers. I guess they ran out of fingers and toes while counting. Now they have BRILLIANTLY made a 5% reduction in voltage in an effort to reduce the load on the feeder cables EXCEPT in the area previously affected... so that means the area of the city with the MOST interruptions will probably still be interrupted sometime tonight because Con Ed wants to "do right". How about lowering the bill fucktards? FOAD Consolidated Edison of New York.

My next FOAD goes out to a blogger who I believe lives somewhere in the Mid-West. Battlerocker decided to make this post. Unfortunately for him, I happened to read it. Yeah... believe it or not I do that from time to time. So basically he's all upset because the heat wave here in New York City apparently made his news program. He apparently thinks we here in NYC have a "Big Ego" when it comes to our weather. I actually found it kind of funny... mainly because his point is so ignorant. Since when did NYC write the news in Bumblefuck Nowhere? Right... we don't. You do assholes. Is it our fault your place is so boring you have nothing to do but write about what you and probably 75% of your local population considers "Mecca"? No fucktard, it isn't. Is it our fault that heat waves and snow impact more people per square mile in New York City than what populates the state of Wyoming? Nope, can't blame us no one wants to live there.

Just as a little science lesson... see we have these things called skyscrapers in NYC. We're not like you though with maybe 5 or 6... no we have more like 50-60 actual buildings that can be considered skyscrapers. Those skyscapers act as a furnace. They conduct the heat and over time raises the temperature of the area significantly. Now I can understand this is a hard concept for you to understand. Considering where you come from the grain silo is as scraping the sky as your gonna get.

So on a final note to little Battlerocker and your demand that "If you live in New York City, and it’s really hot and you want to complain, get yourself a blog and write about it. There’s a club. We have hats."... well I have a blog... on which I think I complained about the heat all of once amongst other things. Keep your club. Keep your hats. We have our own brand of uniform around these parts... red caps and baseball bats... with which we share the peace and love...

... so Fuck Off And Die.

EDIT @ 10:16 dst: Well guess what? It seems Battlerocker deleted his original post on the subject. However, he decided to re-post it with a further explanation how it is not HIS news but the NATIONAL news services he is complaining about, oh and how I have attacked him (pft, right, he obviously hasn't seen some of my previous work). Now normally if you feel you perhaps weren't clear enough on a post, and you re-post a clarification for whatever reason, I can understand that. Why delete the original post? He admits he had 18 comments on that post, one which happened to be mine, which now are also deleted. Everyone knows how I feel about people who delete comments... so a fucking double peace and love to this asshat fucktard who deletes posts!

On a more positive note... still looking for a few more Beta testers... just drop me an e-mail and I can fill you in (remove the DOT and put a "." because I am SO tired of SPAM). Thanks.
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