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Thursday, August 17, 2006

My Landlord And The Friday Drama Update

Friday is once again upon us. Traditionally I set this day aside to honor my current tenant and landlords. Well this week I have no tenant... but I did that on purpose sorta... I once again went up for bid at 500 credits and didn't get any bids... so I'm all alone at APODB this week.

However, I did put in a few bids for places to stay. Lucky for me Chad has taken me into His World. I first persued him through Satan's Blog Hell *COUGH* I mean BlogExplosion... and I enjoyed what I saw. Later on he got kudos from the bitches, and rightfully so. So when I saw he was up for bid... I was like oh hell yeah. I would describe his style very similar to my own... on the case and in your face... but only with intelligence. So whereas I have two brain cells left... and one is on life support... well he probably has a molecular bootcamp going on in his head. He also likes to express lots of Peace and Love! So go see Chad... I'll be there all week... and that'll give you more Peace and Love than the Middle East!


Now unto my weekly absolutely personal satisfaction of this place... so The Nick has been hopping around all week. I really haven't heard anything from her... so I think its safe to assume she's still with the boyfriend... who I am still giving until Monday. That's just the way she rolls... and if I haven't heard anything... well he can't be ALL that AND a bag of chips. I tend to think I would have found the pad with the doodles of the different versions of Mrs. Bag'O'Chips by now.

I got an e-mail from my old partner Sir Shortness announcing how she is now engaged to be married to the teacher/exterminator she was going out with. I can only hope for her happiness in this... because she has had shittier luck in relationships than me... if that's even possible. I can also hope that her new fiance's mental illness stays hidden until after they get married. I tend to think if the ceremony doesn't happen... she'll need to be talked off the ledge... literally.

So as many of you may have noticed... well I got fucking trashed Wednesday night. It's actually kind of funny... because looking back at that post it seems to be one of my most popular... and at the same time absolute worst... and the ONE that if I was a post deleter I would delete... but I'm not... so I won't... but it's still kind of funny what ends up getting the most reaction from people.

So Wednesday night I went out with The Steff, The Donkey, and an old comrade veteran of the Battle of Rome (aka Woodstock '99). We went to Austin's Ale House where I consumed around a dozen or so black and tans in a three hour period. The waitress seemed a little nervous... because I told her from the get-go I needed two glasses on the table at all times. The Steff was kind enough to explain to her that "He double-fists." She gave me this wide-eyed expression and I think that statement right there cost me any chances of getting her phone number... but whateva. I was there to unwind... and that's just more evidence there are some women perverts out there too. So we talked mostly shop and bullshit. The Steff and I did have a conversation about The Donkey outside... he's been slacking... no flowers... no jewelry.

So in addition to some drunk blogging last night... I sent a drunk e-mail. Okay... actually I sent two... but I was able to arouse this morning to unsend the one I sent her... but he read his where I told him basically to "Send flowers... and save some loot 'cause we're going jewelry shopping next month." So we'll see if he turns into an empty suit or does the right thing.

Finally Ooompa Loompa One has resurfaced... well sorta. She claims she lost my number when she switched cell phones. WTFeva. Of course I heard some garbage about her woes... but once again WTFeva. It's the same drama as 5 months ago... so get the fuck over it.


This weekend is the final event on the Island of Misfit Toys. Tommorrow is a site walkthrough... then it will be early Saturday all day in that dust bowl. While the first three shows of the season were in the most wretched heat, we had numerous glitches in the system, and they were downright exhausting... well Saturday should be a cake walk. The weather's going to be nice, we've worked out all our glitches, and thankfully it is only 16 hours as opposed to the 18 and 20 we were doing.

I like working the shows. It gives me that adrenaline rush I've become addicted to. I was however sadly informed today that I would not be seeing the future ex-Mrs. Dog. She apparently is on another schedule so she won't be there. Oh well... se la vee... there's always the Big Apple Circus and their midgets... have a good weekend if I don't get back here... or if I do.
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