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Thursday, August 10, 2006


So today is Friday. As usual I would like to pay homage to my serial killing tenant Dead Silence. If you have ever wondered about serial killers and psychopaths... go check Dead Silence out. If serial killers and psychopaths aren't your thing... well go check out B at AllNight.Org... because she's the one behind Dead Silence.

Now although I haven't gotten the credits while BE is trying to defunk, I'm really not worried too much about it, because to be honest I had jokingly placed my blog up for rent at 500 credits. Jane thought it was because I needed the credits... which I really don't... but it was more of a way to see what kind of nutcases would think my blog would be worth it. So yeah... the fact it is the serial killer blog is kind of fitting.


I read a comment from :P Fuzzbox on that blog that told me to FOAD yesterday. Well here's his comment with the part about me in italics:
I am just a humble blogspot blogger so maybe I don't have any right to state my opinion regarding so much better bloggers. But doesn't the site say to link to them and they will link back. I wonder why they should be upset that anyone would get upset when they learn that this isn't true. It is based on Technorati which is a half assed entity in itself.

I was not linked back to them after linking to them last week either. This week I did not link to the site and was linked. Maybe one solution could be to create a webring. One of my favorite thing about foadt is the anarchy aspect though. It would be nice to see others posting them but it is not something that I would do to try and drum up traffic.

I luv your site and don't think that you need any advice from NYC's Watchdog. I commented to his site numerous times and never once did he respond to me. Maybe he should take a tip that is not covered by IT2M. How to be a gracious host and how to retain commenting readers. Maybe he should take a good look at the glass house reference.

Whatever may get thrown at you keep your head up, Starbender. Your readers will be here. No matter how many disparaging remarks get thrown your way.
Interesting comment he made there about me. I think I've explained it once previously... that I in fact don't like to have running conversations in my comments. In fact, I think I've only commented on my own blog maybe 3 or 4 times in the over 300 posts that are up here. Now I know there are a great number of bloggers out there who do it... but I'm not one of them. I find following the conversations to be somewhat difficult, I don't want a fuckton of e-mails in my inbox, and I believe the programming creators gave us forums for this very reason.

As for :P Fuzzbox, well if it was still Thursday I would probably tell you to FOAD... but I do read your Texas blog on Bloglines, and can appreciate to a large degree where you come from with the posts on it. I can also appreciate and am grateful for your patriotism against the arrogant fucktards that have been all over the funerals of servicemen. So no... :P Fuzzbox I don't want you to FOAD... and while I also can admit I probably have Bloglineitis... well I would like to point out that I never claimed to be grascious in anything that I do or say. That's just the way I roll.


As for the Friday Drama Update... well The Nick apparently has a boyfriend now. Supposedly this guy is all that and a bag of chips. Yeah... right... I give him until next weekend. Goldberg was the best thing since sliced white bread... and we all know how that turned out. KABOOM!

I was over at The Steff's last night and dropped Zooted and Polluted some gourmet hydro oregano under the cover of literature. I got to see The Steff's dress for the wedding she's in today. The color for some reason made me think of army drab. I didn't tell her that, but I did help her accessorize for it as well as fixing her MySpace page yet again. I think from now on for every fix I make it's going to cost her a beer. Yeah... that sounds fair... and with the number of fixes I've made I would have already had a keg... so I should be goosh with that sort of deal.

BTW... only 3 stitches today and they'll be dissolved by Monday. Not too bad... but I'm dreading when the meds are worn off in the morning.
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