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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Great Cause, Blogging's Superpower and Musical Taste

So there is a raffle @ IT2M to benefit the Autism Society of America. Basically there are two grand prizes, including a blog template design from Weblog Studios, and the tickets are $1 a piece with a 10 ticket limit. Ever since The Golden Child was diagnosed with autism, Pudding has been a huge advocate for legislation the Society supports. They were also the source of ALOT of educational material for me, because prior to that my exposure to the disease was maybe limited to 45 minute trips with a few patients we had as regulars. Without them... well life would have been ALOT harder than it was. So go to the IT2M Raffle and go buy some tickets would ya?


Surfing around the Blogosphere you get to meet a wide variety of different people. There are women, men, and couples from each and every walk of life and located all over the world. But how many bloggers do you know can promise my patented Nuclear Peace and Love... and deliver it? Well President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran can do (or at least have us believe he can do) just that... and he is now a blogger.

His blog is written in Persian but translates into Arabic, French, and of course English... just look for the flag. His first post has to be at least 3,000 words which knocks me out of the ballpark by a good 2,000 I would think... but at least we share a blogging shortfall... we're both way too wordy. I did the only thing I could think of... I left him a comment... and wished him Peace and Love...
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I guess it was only a matter of time. We've had our rapists, our pedophiles, and our serial killers. It's about time we had our first psychotic tyrannical dictator. I really should have told him to come by tomorrow... you know... so he can check out FOAD Thursday and see the other recipients of Peace and Love. Gives a new meaning to the genre of "crazy blogs" huh? I mean him... not me.


Now you have to keep in mind that I have a wide variety of musical tastes. In high school I listened to the classics of groups like Run-DMC, Public Enemy, Anthrax, LL Cool J, Metallica, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and of course NWA. Then in college I did music reviews for the paper and got turned onto bands like Ministry, Treponem Pal, Bad Religion, The Offspring and of course Radiohead. Woodstock '99 eventually introduced me to Insane Clown Posse, Limp Bizkit, and gave me a new appreciation for The Red Hot Chilli Peppers as music I could listen to while working. I've had expanding and contracting tastes... but the bands above have for the most part remained on the playlist. All of them can pretty much be taken for harder than average bands because for the most part, this Emo crap can take a hike... although Weezer does have a few good songs.

So I was surfing around and somebody pointed out a song by a band called Sprites. The name of the song is I Started A Blog Nobody Reads and it is from their upcoming album called Modern Gameplay. The band hails from England, but once I heard this song I was like ohmyfuckinggodthatisthegreatestsong!!! I liked it SO much... it is now my blogging theme song. Wanna listen? You can click on the player below or on the player in the sidebar. Not really something you'd expect me to be listening to but the song REALLY struck me as being great. I'm even going to buy the album... and put it on the same rack as my Yanni collection.

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