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Sunday, August 13, 2006

There's An Oogle Here Amongst Other Things

So today is once again Monday... and time for another edition of Ooogle Monday!!! Okay... well for all the ladies out here in the blogosphere I give you Josh Holloway and his abs...
And for all the fellas here is the luscious Tila Tequila at it once again... all au natural and with the damnest cutest freckles in the world...
Did I mention she's 4'11"??? Damn.

So since I'm in the mood to sort of refresh people as to why I do things... well here's the article that I got from Doc Croc that inspired me to do Ooogle Mondays...
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In the end... it's all about YOUR blogging health...


Normally Ooogle Monday starts and end with POAs... but there are a few other things I wanted to share.

First I will talk about something I rarely talk about here... which is religion. Those who know me personally know that for around the past 5 years I have had an extremely one sided Peace and Love relationship with God despite being an altar server for 10 years and working in an actual church for 12 years. That has changed. I have found my new faith and I will be blogging about it as often as I can. I am now a member of The Holy Church of Avitableness. What is the core concept to reach Bloghalla? Well... you may have guessed it already from the name of the heavens... blogging. The best part? Beef and cheese burritos covered in Hershey's syrup is the holy food to be consumed. While I've always preferred the Twizzlers and nacho cheese combo at the movies... this will be my new blogging diet once I get to the wholesale place. If your looking for religion, or thought you had it but want to add to it to avoid a "Doocing" (blogging is now mandated by religous reason and therefore your employer would be infringing on your religous rights) then go check out The Holy Church of Avitableness.

With my newfound religion came a moment of inner soul searching that coincided with someone saying that they think I'm a "pretty regular person". Since I am a big believer on perception... because I think that perception is 9/10s of reality and the remaining 1/10 of reality is the truth... I was wondering how people perceive me. I don't necessarily mean the people who I interact with on a daily basis... but rather the lurkers and occasional casual readers. I thought about doing a poll... but everytime I do one of those someone sneaks a goddamn pop-up into it... so fuck that. So if you have an opinion on the type of person I am... leave a comment... just don't expect a reply... because I don't comment in my own comments... but it will probably be another post down the road.

Finally... I honestly feel like yesterday was 24 hours I lost and can never get back... and it's depressing as all hell that my highlight was getting a call about going to a movie I absolutely refuse to see. I tried to work on the book I'm supposed to be writing... and I knew when I had this modem installed at home this would happen... that I wrote all of 100 words and surfed and chatted the rest of the time. So starting next week... and I say next week because this week is pretty much already shot with what I need to get done on certain things... I will dedicate one hour a day to this book. Even though I know I should be spending 20 hours a day to make my self-imposed October 1 deadline... well... not much I can do about it now can I?

Two tears in the bucket... Have a good week!
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