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Monday, February 26, 2007

Today Is All About 1993...

I am sure that for most people today will be about a myriad of things. Perhaps it is snowing where you are now, and today will be shoveling and salting and cursing the Groundhog for lying. Perhaps you will spend the day talking about last night's Academy Awards, and the upsets and surprises that it encompassed. Perhaps today, for you, is about today and the start of a new week.

For me, while it will include a few of those things, today is also about February 26, 1993... the day the WTC first got bombed. It has been 14 years since that day when I sat watching the news coverage. I was still in college, and working on a writing assignment that day... with no writers block in sight may I add. People leaving the building with blackened faces from the smoke and soot and streaming into the streets was all over the television.

One of the visuals I remember clearly from that day was the fleet of ambulances and fire trucks beneath the pedestrian passage over West Street. I remember thinking that doing that may be a good thing in my spare time just in case there was another attack. Eight and a half years later it would be that same pedestrian passgeway that I can credit with saving my life... and left me wondering why I ever wanted to do this to begin with. Funny how things change over time.

Six people were murdered that cold day in February. Six people, who most of the world will forget, were the first true victims of Al Queda on American soil. Six people... who in my mind for as long as it is mine... will never be forgotten.


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