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Friday, September 01, 2006

Friday Honors and Drama Together Once Again

So today is Friday once again. It isn't just any Friday, it is the final Friday considered summertime. Everyone is making plans for the long weekend... except of course me because I have to work Monday. Woo. Hoo. Sense my enthusiasm?

While I may not have anything spectacular planned this weekend I may and I may not be around. However I would like to point out that my tenant is staying the entire weekend. So go see Beth if you haven't done so... show some clicky love... and you won't be as bored over at Ramblings Of An Undisturbed Mind as you are over here.


As for the weekly drama update... well last weekend Pudding and I got into a bit of a tiff over the fact I was supposed to Wolf Watch Saturday night... but when I got there no one was home. So called her cell phone and got voicemail. Then I called Goofy Wolf's cellphone and got voicemail. Then I call The Professor's cellphone and got voicemail. Finally I called Blinky's voicemail and a message stating the user wasn't accepting any phone calls. Needless to say... I lost my mind. Finally two hours later she called me back and gave me this lame ass explanation how she was at the airport picking someone up and then they were going for pizza. Cellphones? Oh, hers was dead and she took everyone else's away until school starts. Dumb ass. So yesterday she called and made Blinky ask about this weekend. I know... I'm a glutton for punishment... but how do I tell a 7 year old I'm not coming over to make S'Mores because her mommy is a fucktard. We'll see what happens.

So The Steff and I were supposed to hang out Tuesday night. We didn't because she was tired, but she wanted to go out Wednesday night. Wednesday night came and went without a peep from her. So last night on my way home from work she called me. She swore we'd go out. So I was like okay, whateva, because I knew she wasn't going to call. But she did call... and so I met up with The Terrorist, The Donkey, and her for a few black & tans at the Cottage. We just bullshitted for awhile about a variety of things but she seemed out of it until the conversation turned to engagement rings. Her eyes lit up and she had a fusion of energy during that conversation, and then slumped back right afterwards. Typical Steff fashion. Well school did start for her, so I guess that's a logical excuse.

The Nick and I were supposed to actually go out to dinner last night. Unfortunately, her cellphone service is turned off. So I haven't been able to hear the exploits of her new wunderluv, and since she's working daytime this week, well our conversation time will be severely cut into since daytime is always busier than nighttime. However, I am proud to say that I have seen Mel's baby who is going to be The Nick's goddaughter... before The Nick. Yeah... wtf right? The baby is small, cute, white, and thankfully not mine.

That pretty much wraps up the drama update... hopefully the drama will pick up a bit with the fall season because it seems this summer has just dragged. Have a good weekend.
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