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Saturday, September 09, 2006

So I Finally Did It...

... I bought my bed today. Well... sort of... more like I ordered it and it is scheduled to be delivered on September 21. Finally... after two years... I will sleep on a futon no longer.

I ordered it from Gothic Cabinet Craft which is actually a very cool store. Their factory is a neighborhood away in Maspeth. So I went into the store with The Steff and we looked around. Now the last bed I had that I ordered from them was absolutely the best... until Pudding sold it out from under me. So I knew that they had a good qaulity product. The only bad thing about the last one was the height. Pudding needed a stepstool to get into it (which may have been one of her driving factors for selling it) and it was a bit of a drop to the floor even for me and my one bad knee.

So we walked around for awhile looking at the different kinds. The one and only thing I absolutely knew was that I wanted the "floating nighttable" headboard. So the bed I got HAD to accomadate that. So we found this one in the back that was nice looking. The Steff agreed it was a good design because the drawers weren't built into it and she pointed out that since this is going into my basement where I've had the recent flooding issues the less underneath the better. I could always get some plastic containers or something for underneath. Once you take away the built in drawers, well that was a $250 savings. Then once I added the headboard... well that ended up being another $300. Oh well.

In general The Steff has always been one of the better people to go shopping with because, well, she's a girl and can color coordinate and knows all the stylish things I as a guy choose to ignore. Hence this is why she picked out the color... because although they offer unfinished furniture you can then finish yourself... well I did that last time but never got around to finishing it. So she picked the Dark Teak... which was the one I was hoping for anyway.

So that's going to be my bed... only without the drawers and stained Dark Teak. The whole ordeal took less than an hour... which is my type of shopping because I hate stores. Ontop of that I didn't have an issue like I had at Sleepy's with Christine. The guy was professional, even though some people might think otherwise of someone wearing a Punisher t-shirt, and just seemed happy that we had gone in ourselves and chosen what we wanted. Of course the fact The Steff is not as well endowed as Christine is may have played a part in it... it really is amazing what giving birth does to the mammary glands.

So now all that remains is getting the actual mattress. This is actually a lot easier since I received previous recommendations. I just need to actually go there and order it without the salesman looking at someone's tits and sending me into a fiery rage. I'll probably just go alone... just to be safe.

So did I make a good choice?
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